What does the fire of Notre-Dame means ​?

By Dominique Muselet:

Notre-Dame, “the whole history of Paris” as said the bobo Hidalgo*, all happy to be at the center of a catastrophe of which she does not think herself responsible (although she is), has resisted more than 800 years of attacks of all kinds, but neo-capitalism had it … with its cheap yards, poorly secured, its subcontractors, its underpaid and under-qualified workers, its illegal workers and its posted workers. The pyromaniac politicians, who hold out the exploitation of human misery for the maximum benefit of their oligarch friends or protectors, pretend to be sorry for the disaster. In the Middle Ages we built wonders by faith and greatness of spirit, in the 21st century they are destroyed by greed. For someone who believes in signs, this fire speaks volumes. In addition to being caused by hubris and greed, capital sins, it occurs during Holy Week, between Palm Sunday and Good Friday. At the very moment when Jesus is preparing for his ordeal. Jesus, crucified for telling the truth, for denouncing the rapacity, hypocrisy, violence and crimes of the powerful of his time. Hey, like Assange, like yellow vests! And what the fire did not succeed in destroying, what remains of Notre-Dame, what is still standing is in the image of the present France, a carcass that the capitalist ogres have not managed to destroy (the basics of our social system) but nothing in it … Everything is sacked, looted, stolen, burned, destroyed by the hubris, greed and violence of capitalism. We build drones to kill people who have not done anything in distant countries, to steal the oil that our oligarchs are tearing (the latest being Yemen where children are shamelessly starved and murdered). We are sure that progress (AI and Co.) will solve all our problems and even conquer death, but we are not even able to maintain our greatest national treasure or secure a construction site. It is true that Notre-Dame is not salable … Moreover, all our churches are abandoned. Our Lady, despite appearances, was no exception. Without shame, Macron speaks of rebuilding Notre-Dame, symbol of France, while he puts all his energy to destroy it, France. The fire of the sky has forced Macron to postpone his umpteenth “historic speech” to say nothing, because how could he say that the mission that his oligarch friends have entrusted to him is to sacrifice France on the altar of their interests. Macron would dowell to be wary, because when the sky interferes, it exceeds all humans, even our little national Napoleon so proud of himself, and his henchmen … Court media say: “Our Lady ravaged but saved” The towers resisted fire and did not collapse. It is a miracle, according to the media known in miracles, so it can be seen as a good omen: perhaps this mortiferous system that destroys humans and the planet for the benefit of the few who pile up our gold in their tax havens, this system of which the God is the money** and the bible is he profit and the exploitation, will finally collapse and the people of France and of the world which wring and are currently consumed in its devastating flames (Christians would say satanic) will soon be released. Yes, since God, Manitou, the 0ne who holds everything together, the Great Spirit, Allah, the higher power, the life force, the Eternal, the Love, had the presumption to remember yesterday evening the good memory of our “elites”, by shaking the agenda of our all-powerful president, let us pray to help us free ourselves from capitalism to say in turn: “The countries and peoples of the world are ravaged, but saved.” 

Traduction : François Roddier 

Note :* The mayor of Paris**We must see, at this very moment the French billionaires try to restore their coat of arms by giving “generously” a few million of euros or dollars on the billions they stole us, for the reconstruction of the cathedral (note that the workers never have the right to their “generosity” which besides they do not want, what they want is to benefit from the wealth which they produce.

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