Regardless of the military and propaganda support, the US’s victory over Russia is not guaranteed

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

The US forced several countries in Europe, Africa and even the Middle East (Iraq and Egypt) to hand over the Soviet weapons in their warehouses to be shipped to Ukraine in exchange for promises to replace them with Western weapons. After dozens of eastern European countries’ stocks of Soviet weapons were nearly exhausted, the US and Europe began providing Ukraine with Western weapons and training teams. This requires more than a crash course that is hard to deliver to an adequate number of Ukrainian officers with the necessary spare parts and ammunition. These are beginning to flow onto the battlefield. At the same time, Russia started targeting the transportation lines (railway) and Western arms depots and their supply routes, considered by the Kremlin a “legitimate target”. 

These persistent western attempts on the Ukrainian battlefield and the harshest sanctions imposed on Russia aim to weaken Russia and give a powerful lesson to Russia and China not to think of challenging the US’s unilateralism. This will only work if Russia fails to achieve its goals, which seems unlikely.

The latest overt objective of the US leadership is to reveal the creation, in the heart of Germany, of a joint military operations room comprising 40 countries to plan and support the war on Russia. The first goal seems to force Berlin’s hesitant hand, which is attempting not to be wholly drawn into all the US belligerent desires and to maintain the line of trade and gas relations with Moscow. The second goal is to affirm a world message that the ongoing battle in Ukraine is not just a US-Russia struggle or a proxy war but that many Western countries are involved. And last but not least, to gather all capable military personnel in one room, unite the effectiveness of their respective armies, and coordinate the military effort to inflict the most significant damage possible on Russia. At the end of the day, these countries involved are undoubtedly under US influence and cannot oppose Washington or prevent Russia from reaching its objectives. It is, however, logical that these joint capable armies’ officers managed to delay the Russian troops, which will be a significant change since Moscow never announced a specific timetable to end its military activity in Ukraine.

Indeed, none of the participating countries on the US side – except Britain and Eastern Europe – want to get deeply involved, especially Western Europe. France (busy with its elections) and Germany (unable to sustain its economy without Russia’s gas) are aware of where Europe’s interests lie in relations with Russia, with whom a solid relationship – not the alliance or partnership that has always been contested by the US – has been built in the last twenty years. It is unlikely to confirm today whether it is too late to restore European-Russian ties until all military operations stop in Ukraine or whether the election of a new US president may contradict policies imposed by US President Joe Biden.US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that his country “will continue to move heaven and earth” to defeat Russia in Ukraine. This announcement was made from the German “Ramstein” US Air Base, operated by the US forces stationed there, which 

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher


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