Between the suspension bridge and the green zone, Iraq is in turmoil

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

Iraq has been observing an accumulating and escalating crisis since the call of the Sadrist leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, to pass on the state’s power to the people (actually to himself) who, in reality, are his followers. On the opposite side, all the other Shiite parties – gathered under the name of the “Coordinating Framework” (CF) – call for respect for the law and the constitution, the formation of a new government with full powers, the reopening of the sessions of the Parliament and the protection of the Federal Court. Al-Sadr’s supporters camped in the Green Zone outside the Parliament at the request of their leader until “legitimacy was overthrown by the end of the current week”. In contrast, the CF supporters demonstrated in the “Suspension Bridge” (Jisr al-Muallaq) area at the southern entrance to Baghdad’s “Green Zone”. The Iraqi arena now observes two opposing groups in the streets with contradictory demands. Is there an exit to this dangerous situation?

Sayyed Muqtada is exerting significant pressure on the federal court, disrupting the constitutional system in Iraq after seizing the legislative authority by occupying the Parliament and blocking its access. Moqtada’s demands to impose organised forced parliamentary re-election can only be legally achieved by a third of the house of representatives votes or a request of the Prime Minister and the President. Moqtada also presented a legal case to the Federal Court against the Speaker, Prime Minister and the President for violating the legal terms allocated to vote and the nomination of new leaders of Iraq within the time allotted by the constitution.

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher