Senior Political Risk Analyst with over 32 years’ experience covering Europe & the Middle East. Acquiring in-depth experience, robust contacts and political knowledge in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Syria. Specialized in political assessments, strategic planning and thorough insight in political networks. Created and coordinated network of decision makers to provide key insight into the complex political developments of the Middle Eastern region. Experienced in dealing with intrinsically difficult situations in a broad spectrum of situations when interacting with leaders and fundamentalist movements in war zones and areas of growing instability.

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  1. You should add RSS feed to all the sharing services. RSS constructs a feed accessed with an RSS reader, doesn’t require joining some social media network. It’s more convenient than an email subscription.

    I find your writing very valuable and important. Please keep up the good work

  2. I hope you have read Saudi bodyguard written by Mark young who worked as Saudi Royal bodyguard for years .I hope these copies should b sent to Thomas Friedman and Newyork times .It is disgusting how westen media and diplomats are such a buyable commodity

  3. The IS was self declared. It was never recognized therefore Official except in the press worldwide, including unfortunately the Arab Press. No there is no definitive date as when it began…

  4. Hi , it depends which answer suits you the best – 1.Date of proclaiming a caliphate – the official one is 29.06.2014. But the very beginning is somewhere around 2006.

  5. Elijah – do you have an accurate time when the Islamic State become ‘official’? many thanks – N

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