The US-Iran nuclear agreement is ready

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

An Iranian source has said that “the nuclear agreement between Iran and the US is ready after all points were agreed upon, including the lifting of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from the US sanctions list, while maintaining the Al-Quds Brigade, responsible for supporting the oppressed populations around the world, after the approval of the Wali al-Faqih, Sayyid Ali Khamenei.”

The US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, told a Senate committee this month that he “personally opposes removing the IRGC- Quds Force from the list of foreign terrorist organisations (FTO).” The US had included the Quds force on the list of terrorism in 2017. Moreover, Israel strongly objected to removing the entire IRGC from the list of terrorists. This was raised in talks between Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

The Iranian official said that “after consulting with the Wali al-Faqih and obtaining his approval, it will be possible to move towards the nuclear agreement to finish the final drafting. We understand that the US can no longer tolerate keeping Iran out of the oil and gas market to alleviate the turmoil in the energy markets and mitigate the damage caused by western sanctions on Russia over its war in Ukraine. The US and mainly Europe caused self-damage to the security of the worldwide food supply by illegally sanctioning Russia. Moreover, the refusal of Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar to fill the gas and oil Russian vacuum was a real blow to the west and particularly to the US that is leading the economic sanction campaign against Russia.”

“The other main reason is the inability of Israel and the US to prevent Iranian nuclear progress and their failure to prevent the increased enrichment, the development of advanced centrifuges, and raising the enrichment from 20 per cent to 60 per cent,” confirms the official Iranian source.

Also, it seems that Iran has asked to sell 

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher