USA announces withdrawal from the Levant: time for all parties to rethink their next move

By Elijah J. Magnier: @ejmalrai

The sudden announcement of the imminent withdrawal of US forces from north-east Syria is being widely criticised by US pundits, think-tank analysts, and many US establishment voices. They claim that President Donald Trump’s decision may create a vacuum soon to be replaced either by an Iranian proxy militia or by Turkey. But in reality, the deepest fear of Trump’s Washington critics seems to be that Syrian territory occupied by US forces will be returned to the control of Syrian government forces.

Another weak argument made by many of these enthusiasts is that areas currently occupied by the US might fall into the hands of the terror groups Islamic State (ISIS) or al-Qaeda; the latter are currently operating in Turkish occupied areas of Syria in the northern city of Idlib.If this concern is genuine, how do Trump’s critics explain the US failure to eliminate the ISIS pocket along the Euphrates in the province of al-Hasaka during its two-year occupation of north-east Syria? And finally, Trump’s critics have inevitably mixed all the above arguments with their favourite phobia, claiming that Russia and of course Iran are the only countries set to benefit from this unwise US move.

In fact, the presence of US forces in the Syrian province of al-Hasaka and at the Iraqi-Syrian crossing of al-Tanf is a real burden on the US administration, and a dangerous one in the long term. Withdrawal from the Syrian quagmire will strengthen the moral and strategic position of the US in the region. While President Trump wisely declares victory over ISIS as his “mission accomplished” pretext for leaving Syria, regional observers know that it is in fact the Syrian government, together with Russia, Iran and other allies, who have managed to defeat ISIS throughout the Syrian geography they occupy today. 

In February 2018, when Syrian forces tried to cross the Euphrates to hunt down ISIS, US forces attacked them and destroyed many convoys, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Syrians and Russian contractors fighting for the annihilation of ISIS.

Again, in July 2018, when Syrian forces and their allies tried to hunt down ISIS in the Syrian steppe, ISIS crossed to safety into the 55km secure area established by US forces around the al-Tanf crossing, under the protection of US fire. Once more, US and British forces destroyed several military vehicles belonging to the Syrian Army and their allies. The message was clear: do not approach the area under any circumstances, regardless of ISIS’s operational presence in the area.

When Turkey attacked Afrin in January 2018, US forces did not support the YPG and PKK based in the Kurdish northern provinces but left them to their fate to join the millions of refugees internally displaced by the war imposed on Syria. The Kurds refused to allow the Syrian army to stand against the Turkish invasion even at the cost of losing their lives, wealth and properties. The Kurds of Syria followed the same path as their brothers in Iraq, believing the US would champion their cause. They failed to understand that the US establishment is far from being a charitable institution and acts purely in its own interests and not for those of the Kurds, nor for  the well-being of the Middle Easterners in general.

The US establishment did not stop here: in August 2018 it warned Russia and Damascus against any attack on the jihadist stronghold in Idlib, on the fantasised pretext that Syria’s government might use chemical weapons. It has offered moral and physical protection to the thousands of jihadists, including al-Qaeda, based in Idlib. US withdrawal would remove US protection from the jihadists, making their survival contingent on Turkey’s ability to restrain them from violating the agreement on Idlib between Russia, Iran and Turkey.

The US establishment was never really serious about fighting ISIS and al-Qaeda. When Obama was in power, he looked on whilst ISIS grew strong in Iraq in 2014-15, aware that it would expand into Syria. His deep concern for the environment led him to avoid attacking thousands of ISIS oil trucks – securing over 1 billion dollars monthly finance for the terror group, among their other sources of income – all for fear of polluting the air over Syria and Iraq.

When Trump took power, he promised to pull out of Syria. Nevertheless, warmongers hawks in his inner circle convinced him to stay, and much longer than expected. He offered military support to the Israeli Air Force by allowing landing rights in al-Hasaka to Netanyahu’s jets as a base for them to attack nearby targets of the Syrian army, the Iranian T4 base, and, on June 2018, the command and control baseof Iraqi al Hashd al-Shaabi security forces along the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

Baghdad complained about the US presence and decided, under its new prime minister Adel Abdel Mahdi, to dispatch the bulk of Hashd al-Shaabi forces to the borders in order to limit US and ISIS movements in the area.

In southeast Syria the US has found itself surrounded by Iraqi and Syrian forces, who are determined to stop ISIS from crossing both the Euphrates and the Iraq/Syrian borders. Meanwhile, the US is supplying resources, at a very high cost, to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees at the al-Rukban refugee camp with no apparent corresponding benefit.

As for those who naively claim that US withdrawal would allow the forces of Tehran and its allies to move into al Hasaka to fill up the void, in fact, the Islamic Republic of Iran transported thousands of tons of missiles, weapons, food, medicine and all the basic infrastructure needed for the survival of the Syrian establishment for years without ever using al-Hasaka, which is where the US is based today. Of course, it would be a victory for Iran to see the US pulling out because this would help its main ally, Bashar al-Assad, regain control of almost a third of Syria with its oil and gas resources, and stop Turkey from occupying more territory in the north.

The US move will benefit Syria and Syrians most of all. It will benefit Russia and the prospects for world peace by significantly reducing the possibility of conflict between the two superpowers, whose forces are operating in close proximity to one another.

There have already been lethal contacts between the US and Russia in the Levant, miraculously without consequences to date. Iran will be happy to see the US departing from Syria. US withdrawal will appease Turkey’s concern about YPG forces collaborating with the PKK on its borders, and will reduce the likelihood of an extended Turkish occupation of Afrin and Idlib. Iraq will benefit from not having to commit so many forces to watching the US, trying to limit the movements of US forces and potentially clashing with them. However, Israel’s belligerent government may regret the loss of access to US airports to use over Syrian occupied territory. In any case, Israel certainly doesn’t lack support from the US and its allies in the Middle East, providing platforms for its own objectives and purposes.

All the above presupposes a serious US withdrawal from Syria. Such a withdrawal may take the announced interval of 60 to 100 days, but it may take longer. In any case, this interval will give all parties time to rethink their strategies. It will encourage the Kurds to return to Damascus and resume unconditional negotiations with the government. It will give Turkey time to think about its next move, and allow Syria to plan reconquest of the rest of its occupied territory in 2019. 

If Damascus and Moscow believe they can handle Idlib and al-Hasaka without the help of their allies, Iran can be expected to begin the withdrawal of thousands of men from Syria, without thereby terminating its alliance with the Syrian government. And If Trump doesn’t finally pull out, he has certainly managed to divert the attention away from the Khashoggi murder and the resulting direct criticism of the president from Congress. He indeed give plenty of food for thoughts to the Kurds about what they can expect from the US in the future.

Proofread by:  Maurice Brasher and C.B.

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10 thoughts on “USA announces withdrawal from the Levant: time for all parties to rethink their next move

  1. The only reason the US was in Syria was at the behest of the Zionist Orc-Entity. The purpose of the US forces was both to facilitate the overthrow of President Assad, and to block Iran’s support of Hezbollah; the latter two of whom the Orc-Entity is completely paranoid.

    Antoinetta III

  2. EJ, sometimes you have good analysis stemming from rare if not exclusive leaks and sources BUT this article expresses your hopes rather than being based on the deeper facts on the ground or the Foucauldian governmentality of the enemy.

    If and only if the USA pulls out you can bet it is not because of good will for US taxpayers or the region. If the USA pulls out it is because it is the next draw on the chessboard on the part of the New World Order that Erdogan’s chief advisor referred to through esoteric semiotics in a speech two-three months ago. It was the speech about “Ankara switching from Google to Yandex”, meaning that the NWO “generals” have decided to give the impression that Erdogan is going rogue and leaving NATO to partner (superficially as deception) with Moscow and the Axis of Resistance.

    US think tanks have been preparing for Ankara’s exit since after the summer coup of 2016, which indeed was staged by the NWO “generals” for this very sake. Why, because MBS and his “black flagged, black dressed men”, as described in the Koran and choreographed by the PR firm in San Diego to embody the Arab army that will conquer Jerusalem, had failed.

    The NWO had to found another “charismatic leader” to embody the Biblical role of the Antichrist, a played part in a set of scriptures ALL written by the bloodlines of the NWO “generals”, now that Talmudic affiliated (and hence Jared Kushner/Trump affiliated) MBS and GCC had failed. The rules of the game that THEY, the NWO (even if not You or I) play by are indeed cosmic spiritual and their own Word have to be fulfilled.

    Scriptures (the Book of Revelation and its Koranic equivalent) say that Egypt will be neutral. For sure Damascus and the Axis of Resistance now that they since summer of 2017 know that NATO/Commonwealth/GCC/PFP are doing all they can to provoke their antithesis to a cassus belli incident will not take the bait. That is also the reason why Damascus is patient regarding Idlib, etc. So what probable leader with an army credible enough to march on Jerusalem is left?

    Mr full of humor and self-distance Erdogan…

    How can one otherwise explain not only his chief advisor making a world wide televised statement about “Ankara switching from Google to Yandex”. Who cares?

    Seriously, who cares?

    So what was the real purpose and meaning of that statement that the powers that be allowed be televised all around the world?

    Obviously it was not about was dog shampoo Erdogan uses to wash his bollocks with but a message of out most importance for a group of people situated all around the world. It was an esoteric message using semiotics; the language of signs and symbols which for thousands of years has functioned as the lingua franca of the elites, much more so and longer than latin has done so; a language that shoots over the heads of the general public.

    US think tanks have written many articles on Ankara going rogue and instead of the usual, advocating that the US bombs them to submission, the pundits have argued to let Erdogan go. As if Turkey is insignificant geo strategic position/role…

    Do you smell the bagels yet?

    To some actors – even if nothing at all to you – cosmic spirituality (and the deceptive vehicles of religion) is EVERYTHING; what makes them function and play accordingly; their governmentality. Geopolitics, economics and all other material things to them is nothing but distractions that magicians use to pick-pocket their victims.

    The AKP is affiliated to Qatar which opposed to the other GCC countries is not Talmud but Kabbalah affiliated. These are the two internal groups of the NWO/New Age Order/Nuovo Ordo Seclorum (as it says on your dolla bill, EJ…), the New Worldly/Secular Order who internally compete for power but are united against the “peasants”, serf and slave descendants that constitute most of humanity.

    We slave/serf descendants are waking up because of two factors: university education allowed since 1968 and the new Gutenberg; the internet. These two factors was what enabled the Renaissance, the Enlightenment period, that created a paradigm shift as soon as ca 35 years after Gutenberg invented the printing press.

    Start counting from 1995 or so regarding internet and you know that the ancient elites of the world; the Feudal Trinity that is the Kabbalist part of the NWO and their now stronger nemesis the Mercantilists/Banksters that changed name to the Liberals, the Talmudic part of the NWO run by the Rotschild dynasty, and you will realize that they fear our awakening.

    They need to start WWIII out of existential necessity.

    But they are not atheists even if you are. They play by the books that their ancestors have written and need to fulfill their Word so to be spiritually True and other governmentality.

    The AKP is Kabbalist and Ramtanu Maitra’s research* shows that the Muslim Brotherhood was created by the MI6 and hence by the Queen that is the main leader of the Kabbalists.


    Concluding, this all points toward that if and only if Washington pulls out of Syria it is to leave room for Erdogan’s growth and so to fill the shoes of the Biblical Antichrist that will march on Jerusalem.

    Erdogan is full of hogwash statements about shooting down USAF planes with his S-400’s and about marching on Jerusalem. How the hell can some logical person like you EJ comprehend that Tel Aviv and Washington is quiet when Erdogan makes public treats against them?

    Not a word about Erdogan being an “anti Semite” or Tel Aviv’s “right to protect themselves against foreign threats”.

  3. One could call this the end of Pax Americana in the Middle East. And in Israel there is more then one reason to fear the future.

  4. The US presence within the Euphrates area was nothing more than an illegal geopolitical occupation with the sole purpose of protecting what they hoped would be a resource asset to serve their own interests. The UN & it’s colonialist members were in violation of sovereign territories in an attempt to extend the war to serve their own expansionist interests and certainly not to aid in the elimination of their proxy terrorists. It only remains now to await the unwarranted exit of their forces which would enable the SAA to rid Syria of the remaining US protected IS factions.

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