Iran ready to negotiate if Biden respects the international deal: the missiles on the table if…

By Elijah J. Magnier:

President Donald Trump waited in vain by the phone for Iranian officials to call him and announce the surrender of their country to the US “maximum pressure” campaign. Tehran stuck to a policy of not boosting Trump’s electoral campaign and staying far away from any dialogue with Trump that he could use for his benefit. The campaign officials of the President-elect Joe Biden said he would put the nuclear deal (known as JCPOA) on the table and respect the signature of the Iran-US deal by the permanent United Nations’ members (plus Germany). However, Biden’s entourage and his team have so far failed to confirm whether the President-elect is planning to modify the Obama nuclear deal and what new conditions may be up for discussion. Iran has a sense of what to expect and what will be the hot discussion issues that the new US administration would like to review. How will Tehran respond to Biden’s as yet undeclared demands?

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6 thoughts on “Iran ready to negotiate if Biden respects the international deal: the missiles on the table if…

  1. biden IS NOT the president elect. IT IS NOT ap, cnn and media that decides that.
    To use the enemy`s language give it power.
    Even i know how US elections work and the info is online and easy to find.
    I do not care who win in the end because a puppet president is just a puppet, it is the war party that win in elections.
    biden have already said he want to apply new conditions to jcpoa, this is the furthest you have been from reality since i first read one of your articles.

  2. if america doesnt change its behavior than iran is forced to mass produce intercontinental ballistic missiles the likes dprk presented not long ago

  3. tell your buddies in the west to stop their delusions and idiotic pressure or iran might do the opposite and get intermediate range missiles instead

  4. on irans deterent doctrines are no ifs there is no if this happens iran will become defenseless so get this out of your heads whoever might think that iran might lessen its defensive capabilities is delusional all what you shall see is the opposite of it

  5. what a delusion there wont be any missiles on the table and the usa has to do alot before it can reenter the jcpoa in the first place starting with lifting all illegal sanctions giving compensations and delivering the murderers of our martyred general

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