Syria preparing its missiles for the next battle with Israel

By Elijah J. Magnier: @ejmalrai

Syria and its allies are preparing their missiles for a forthcoming battle with Israel if Tel Aviv decides to open fire against significant military positions under the control of the Syrian army.

Well informed sources say that “it all depends on the direction the Israeli elections will take. If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu estimates his chances are high enough to win a second term, then he will not venture any time soon into a new confrontation with Syria and its allies. The date of the next battle will be postponed. But, if he believes he will lose the election, then the possibility of his initiating a battle becomes very high. A serious battle between Israel on one hand and Syria and Iran on the other would be sufficient enough to postpone the elections. Netanyahu doesn’t have many choices: either he wins the election and postpones the corruption court case against him, or he goes to jail”.

US European Command (EUCOM) recently send military airplanes, along with 200 US servicemen, carrying THAADanti-ballistic missile defence systems to be deployed in southern Israel. The official reason for deployment of this very modern and sophisticated system is said to be preparation for a joint drill between Israel and the US. THAAD will enhance the already existing Israeli anti-missile interception defence systems. These are “Iron Dome” for short-range, “David Sling” for tactical missiles and “The Arrow” for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

“The US doesn’t trust the Israeli system, and thus the THAAD system was deployed to hunt down any missiles launched by the Syrian or Iranian forces deployed in Syria as these promised in case of a battle triggered and provoked by Netanyahu. Both Syria and Iran promised immediate retaliation if Israel bombs any significant military positions in those countries. This is why the US has decided to take part in this confrontation, convinced that any future battle will be devastating for all parties”.

President Bashar al-Assad’s visit to Tehran made it clear to all involved in the Syrian war, especially the EU and the US, that Damascus will never ask Iran to withdraw from Syria to please third parties or in exchange for reconstruction or a normalisation of the relationship between the Arabs and Syria or between the West and Syria.

“The visit of the Syrian President to Iran helped President Putin clarify to his visitor Netanyahu that Moscow cannot help Israel with its request to get Iran out of Syria. The relationship between Syria and Iran is robust – Putin explained to his guest, as Damascus has learned –and Russia is in no position to ask for a change in the strategic relationship between the two countries”, said the source.

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22 thoughts on “Syria preparing its missiles for the next battle with Israel

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  2. Losing the election does not automatically mean Netanyahu is going to be convicted and send to prison. The one step threatening his reelection is just the announcement of Israel’s Attorney General intention to indict him, which according to Israeli law, is followed by a pre-hearing that will determine whether charges will be filed in court, or dropped. The hearing will take place after the elections, which Netanyahu is hoping to win by hook or by crook (probably the latter), and he’s already exploring with his hyper-extreme right-wing “coalition” of wingnut zombies, the passing of a law by which no PM can be prosecuted while in office. The three cases against Netanyahu are rock solid, the result of years of preparation and elimination of minor cases, hence his desperation.

    Apparently so, Netanyahu is fighting for his political life and personal freedom, but the timing of the intentions to indict him are a bit suspicious. Throwing the announcement to indict in the middle of a bloody political campaign, could as well have been a gift to Netanyahu (every crisis is an opportunity), who is already building his political and legal defense on being a victim of the political establishment. Like Trump. We don’t know how far and deep the hand of Netanyahu can reach inside the Israeli establishment, but his masterful manipulation abilities are well known, and the current AG worked in Netanyahu’s cabinet before his appointment to the current position in 2016, by Netanyahu’s government.

    His appointment was immediately questioned by two NGOs (, “the Movement for Quality Government in Israel and Ometz – filed petitions to the High Court of Justice to stop the appointment because of what they called serious flaws in the selection process, including the fact that the appointments committee suggested only one candidate for the prestigious and influential job, and not three candidates as it was mandated to do…Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who appointed Mandelblit as his cabinet secretary in 2013, said at the meeting that he was a “‘very worthy candidate.'”

    Even though Avichai Mandelblit is considered strict to the letter of the law, his relationship to Netanyahu has furthered his career for many years, and with his appointment as AG, Netanyahu could have been planning a long term solution for his legal problems. It is said that Mandelblit has made public the entire process that took to the announcement against Netanyahu, including the debate about the date and its impact on the elections, just to show he holds no bias against him. Why should he? At the same time, the rumor goes that Netanyahu knew the announcement was coming, back in December, and decided to call for snap elections. Regardless of whether Netanyahu orchestrated a long term strategy via Mandelblit, to finally get rid of the corruption charges that have “smeared” his image, or if he is using the elections preemptively to better counter the legal proceedings, a possible war is still attached to Netanyahu’s fate.

    In the remote case that Netanyahu has been manipulating his own legal proceedings to his advantage, his control of the skein that “holds” his fate allows him some space to breath, all he needs is convince his “coalition” of the zombies to pass a law banning any indictment as long as he’s PM (for life?), and the possibilities of a war lessen. In the other case, launching snap elections was Netanyahu’s first salvo in what would be a bloody battle to remain in power, and the possibility of a war remains high, as it will all depend on Netanyahu’s win/lose calculations. Either way, he’s a man on fire, and his fire can spread to all the ME in seconds.

    Gantz, if a strategist, should treat Netanyahu as he sees himself, or pretends, a surrounded man, and follow Sun Tzu’s counsel “When an enemy is surrounded, leave an outlet free.” A cornered enemy has nothing to lose and will fight by any means necessary, and if Gantz want to taste the premiership, it should offer Netanyahu a real or symbolic deal out of his predicament.

    What could that be?

    Lone Wolf

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