Iran allies in the Middle East: the trigger finger is ready in case of US-Israeli war

By Elijah J. Magnier:  @ejmalrai

When Trump designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organisation, Iran hit back hours later by labellingthe US Central Command ‘CENTCOM’ a supporter of terrorism. Now two governmental military entities have been designed terrorist supporters, putting the US and Iranian forces at the level of al-Qaeda and the ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS) for their opposing armies. Trump’s decision is somewhat symbolic. Already in 2007, the IRGC was placed on the US Department of Treasury list of entities guilty of proliferation activities and support for terrorism. In 2011 President Obama added the Iranian Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics, the Basij and the Iranian police to a Treasury Department list of entities responsible for human rights abuses. Trump has now added Iran to a State Department list of supporters of terrorism. Tensions between Iran and the US has never reached such a high level, and have been in continuous escalation since Trump took office. What could go wrong?

These decisions may put the two forces against each other, on the ground in the Middle East or at sea in the Straits of Hormuz. A violent reaction could emanate from either side and bring the Middle East into unprecedented danger. Iran, rightly or wrongly, believes that Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, who has obvious influence over President Trump, is pushing the US to trigger a war. Accordingly, Iran and its regional allies are preparing for war.

Preparing for the worse, in recent days Iran has contacted allies in the Middle East, explaining the dangers of the situation and its possible consequences for their respective countries. All allies expressed readiness to support Iran and engage in any future war if the US attacks the ‘Islamic Republic’ and its existence is at stake. This information has been confirmed by a trusted source in direct contact with decision makers among Iran’s allies.

According to the source, Lebanon, or more precisely the political-military force operating under the trio equation (the Army, the People and the Resistance), “shall not be excluded from any future war between Iran and the US in the Middle East”. The source confirmed that Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah promised that “Hezbollah will not stand idle if Iran comes under attack; it shall respond rather than watch events unfold”. This means any US-Iran war will expand to other countries, notably Lebanon and Israel.

“Trump is granting any wishes expressed by Israel Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. He – Netanyahu – is said to be behind the US sabotaging and revoking the nuclear deal with Iran. Netanyahu told Trump to move the embassy to Jerusalem and to recognise it as the capital of Israel. Trump gave Israel the Syrian occupied Golan Heights to boost Netanyahu’s election. Trump even defined Netanyahu as “your prime minister” when addressing American Jews at the recent AIPAC meetings. Netanyahu boasts that Trump designated the IRGC as a terrorist organisation at his request. Thus, Israel –in Tehran’s view—considers this a golden opportunity to start a war against Iran, particularly now that many Arab countries enjoy good relationships with Netanyahu, share Israel’s hostility to Iran (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, the United Emirates), and are either supportive of a war or unable to stand in the way of Israel’s plans. Netanyahu enjoys unlimited support from Trump and will have full US military support in case of war. This is why Israel will be a target in any war against Iran”, said the source.

On the delicate domestic situation in Lebanon, a multi-ethnic country in financial distress, the source said: “Iran has invested (armed and financially supported allies) for decades in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Palestine. This investment will not be wasted. Both Lebanon and Israel have long had enough reasons to start a war, but the political and military circumstances were not appropriate. To be clear, there has been no cease-fire deal or agreed on rule of engagement between Hezbollah and Israel since the 2006 war but only a cessation of hostility. Therefore, a war between the US and Iran means a war against Israel”.

On Syria, the source considers the economic situation to be critical. “By imposing economic sanctions to cripple the country, the US and Israel are trying to win what they lost on the battlefield. Any foreign support is blocked in order to prevent reconstruction and to straightjacket the government of Damascus. Any rapprochement between Damascus and the Arab countries has been stymied by the US, who have succeeded in stopping the resumption of Arab diplomatic relations with Syria. The US is pushing Syria to think carefully about its future steps and to submit to the will of Trump. President Bashar al-Assad will not succumb; he would rather go to war against Israel to recover Syria’s Golan Heights. This could happen when and if the US starts a war against Iran”.

In Iraq, the central government is trying to avoid any bras-de-fer between Iran and the US, maintaining a delicate balance between the two enemies. Nevertheless, Iraqi groups ideologically linked to Iran have expressed their readiness to be directly engaged against US forces in case of war, believes the source.

Iran may change its behaviour at sea, mainly around the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. It is possible that the IRGC will take a more aggressive attitude towards the US Navy in the area, further complicating the situation. A conflict between the two sides seems inevitable even if a declaration of war is not imminent. Tehran, despite its tit-for-tat actions, is not expected to provoke US forces. It will not, however, hold back in the event of an error on the other side. If the US aims to frighten Iran, then a war-like situation is plausible.

Since taking control of the White House, Trump has transformed the Middle East into a more chaotic place: by his occupation of Syria, by allowing Saudi Arabia to continue its war on Yemen, and by offering Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to Israel. War is nothing new in this part of the world. The apparent victory of the extreme right and re-election of Netanyahu as prime minister make it all the more likely.

Israel tried – but failed – failed to defeat and neutralise Hezbollah in 2006. The US and Israel, along with Europe and Arab countries, attempted regime-change in Syria. One of their many failed objectives in attacking Syria was to disrupt the flow of weapons to Hezbollah and to push Syria away from the “Axis of Resistance”. Under the watchful eyes of Obama’s administration, ISIS grew and expanded in Iraq and Syria. US policy failed there too, having sought to divide Mesopotamia into three weak states: Kurdistan, Shiistan and Sunnistan. All these attempts were directly linked to Iran, who benefits from having powerful allies in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. The latter country is currently rejecting US sanctions and expanding its energy and commercial relationship with Iran to an unprecedented level. All these US policies have sought to break Iran and force it to accept US domination, a policy Washington has been trying to achieve since 1979. Perhaps, in the minds of Trump and Netanyahu, it is time to hit Iran directly. Alternatively, it may be that Iran’s fears are exaggerated. 

Proof-read by:  Maurice Brasher & C.G.B

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    c) a hasbara agent.

    If you are a), you can limit the number of words per comment in the comment section, easy to do. If you’re b) or c), you, and your trolling can crawl back to the rock you emerged from. If Mr. Magnier wanted to limit space for comments, he could done it himself. He doesn’t need any hasbara agent to come here and read us the rules.

    My best guess, you dislike the content of the comments, and you have a twitter mind, can read anything longer than 10 words at a time, or your brain might implode. Sorry. This if the first and last time I address you, hope not to read your “stable genius” comments again.

    Lone Wolf

  2. Your reply is too long in the comment section, I generally distrust these kind of replies. You want to be a pundit, then get a paid or free website and feel free with your reply.
    If you really feel you have a unique perspective, make pithy comments and plug in your wordpress website

  3. The idea that ““Trump is granting any wishes expressed by Israel Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu,” as if Trump were such a “generous” soul, Israel’s Papa Noel (close, but no cigar), is a bit ludicrous, only reproducing the PR gimmicks Trump and Netanyahu needed to get the latter elected. Netanyahu will claim credit for everything he gets out of Trump, and will do it in front of TV cameras, if needed, that’s part of the show, the real deals are cut at another level.

    The delusion of a “Greater Israel” is an integral part of Zionism, as it is the Jewish Mafia. Jared Kushner represents the Jewish Mafia inside Trump’s Mad House, and his marriage to Trump’s daughter cemented an alliance between the Jewish and the Trump mafia empires. The Jewish Mafia, the Adelsons, Kushners, et al, a mix of US and Israel Jews, had not found a proper stooge to realize their dream bids in Israel, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, etc., since the former US governments preferred the appearance of “neutrality” to remain in their role as “middleman.”

    Enter Trump, a serendipitous event, “sent from heaven to save Israel” (full time idiot Pompeo), and the possibility to negotiate a deal is back on the table, something not possible with Obama, not even with Bush I and II, shameless supporters of Israel. They were aware of actions that can be “injurious to the prestige of the President,” as Robert Lovett told President Truman when against George Marshall (and the Wise Men) advice, Truman decided to recognize Israel. Trump is a mafiosi, ergo, has no morals or scruples, a “man of honor,” possible to make him an offer he can’t refuse. How about “allowing” (for after his presidency) a Trump Casino (or hotel, or golf course, preferably, a high-scale brothel disguised as something else), wherever he desires, courtesy of a “long term loan” coming from somewhere, with Kushner as an intermediary, if moving the embassy to Jerusalem? Not a bad deal. How much for the Golan Heights? Trump might have dragged his feet on the IRGC deal (a high risk move, a war possible), just to hijack the price. But you know, it is all “business” among “men of honor,” no hard feelings.

    The Jewish Mafia is the “executive” branch of the internationally organized Zionist Jewry, the out-of-sight bankers, moguls, real estate dealers, Wall Street movers and shakers. These are their hit-men, the knee-cappers, the executors, who carry orders for the World Zionist Council. Sheldon Adelson is Trump’s handler for the Jewish Mafia, he’s behind all the political and financial “arrangements” needed for Trump to keep on winning, reason why Trump was battering Israel (“we give them enough money for their defense”) after he lost the recent congressional elections. He was blaming Adelson. Trump is now in a symbiotic embrace with the JM through his son-in-law, whose father carry the dubious honor of having been convicted for tax evasion, witness tampering, and illegal campaign contributions, serving (only) 14 months out of two years. While in prison, he met two professional fraudsters whom he hired as “advisors,” and as soon as they ended their terms, went to work for his son Jared, mafia-style training. Jared needed to learn from the mistakes of the “experts,” how not to be caught.

    On a possible US/Israel-triggered war, if we take war criminal Netanyahu recent electoral campaign as a preview of what Trump’s election is going to be, there is no war with Iran in sight. Former bouncer war criminal Lieberman is calling for the destruction of Hamas, which according to him played to Netanyahu’s electoral game in exchange for a few billions to keep on pretending they are fighting Israel, with duds. And there was no one else to play warmonger with, since playing with Hezbollah is too dangerous a game at any time, election or not. Netanyahu started foaming at the mouth with the tunnels, barking at Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, projecting a warmonger image ready for war. Nothing happened, and he got elected. For his campaign, Trump will be repaid his favors to Netanyahu, and presented as “Israel’s savior, sent by God,” to the “Israel-firsters,” he might even go to Israel and do the wailing after a kingly welcome. The one-two combo they will be playing with the Axis of Resistance, cannot go as far as “exploring” a new level of deterrence. Iran can expect terrorist attacks multiply, Iranian/IRGC (now fair game) interests to be targeted anywhere, increase the heat in Syria, intensify the US hold on Iraq, etc., nothing US/Israel have not been doing, all short of war, or of pushing the envelope to a sizable confrontation.

    US CENTCOM needs to reevaluate its ROE with Iran, since it is now designated a terrorist target. The US Army is reorganizing its forces in the ME, that includes its proxies in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, vis-à-vis their new predicament. Any incident can ignite a conflict in such kinetic environment, however, Netanyahu and now Trump electoral strategies for this period, are to get elected on their vociferous warmongering and foaming at the mouth, plus a few firecrackers and a lot of noise, since Trump knows entering a war before 2020 might endanger his electoral viability, given the campaign he got elected on first. A war against Iran will be cataclysmic for the region, as it is the US economy is now struggling with increasing gas prices, which hijacks everything else (we move on gas, no pun intended.) The war tariff on China costs Trump support from his hard-core base, farmers. No amount of subsidies were able to level their losses, and town meetings became hot encounters with die-hard Trump supporters. A war, any open war that involves US troops, would have to go through Congress, and there are now efforts to tie Trump/Bolton/Pompeo constant “war with Iran” braying, to a specific bill for that purpose. Trump is just a tool, an influence peddler for the neocons, the Jewish Mafia, the Russians, anyone who pays his way to Mar-a-Lago to work out a deal, any deal. Just show him the money.

    Lone Wolf

  4. It really is time that the US, EU and the Arab monarchies had war on their own soil. Only then will they feel the misery of what they do all over the world and have done since WW2.

  5. The U.S. and Israeli’s aim to isolate the Iranian IRGC Corps. by going after it under the onus that is a terror group. But if the IRGC is attacked, even in Syria, say at T-4 Airbase again, then not only the IRGC will respond militarily, asymmetrically, but the whole of the Iranian armed forces will have to go to total war. Because that’s what its going to be, a regional total war. Zero-sum.

    Hezbollah will instantly get involved and Israeli air defenses will be hacked, destroyed, overwhelmed to a near total degree and Israeli cities will be rocked. Of course Israel , and U.S. fighters, and bombers will bomb South Beirut, hit infrastructure, and try to pin point fast, highly mobile Hezbollah forces, which on the ground will play havoc on the much incompetent IDF forces, armored or not. Hezbollah will take the battle inside Israel itself within the initial action. Hezbollah’s strategy is not to necessarily engage large Israeli formations head-on, but to simply go around them. And then launch brilliant hit and run operations against IDF troop and armor concentrations. Sabotage and cut off supply lines, while Hezbollah’s estimated 150,000 missiles( fitted with accurate guidance systems reversed engineered by Iran, by way of China) rain down very accurate high yield warheads on Israel targets. If the Israeli’s decide to attack Beirut, or any other civilian territory/city in Lebanon, then Hezbollah will act in kind by destroying much of Tel-Aviv, Haifa, certainly all exit/entry points into the occupied Palestine. Especially sea ports and airports where the estimated arrival of U.S. Special Forces, 101st Airborne Division, the 99th Mountain Division, and if at all possible ( however a logistical headache in such a short timeframe) the Big Red One Infantry Division of the U.S. Army.

    Hezbollah’s top priority is Israel’s airbases and airports, sea and naval bases. The coming showdown will see all of Lebanon united behind the resistance against Israel. The resistance will enjoy massive pools of reserves to bring into the fray. Israel doesn’t, as most of their country men are not of the days of old, like Moshe Dayan, 67′, 73′ . They are a soft, weak hearted people who will succumb to fear at the onset of hostilities. The IDF are mostly LGBQT’s from the U.S., usually exchange students, criminals on the run from justice back in their native Russia and that’s about it.

    Even counting a massive airlift of U.S. forces to the theater in short notice in the event of war, total war that is. The U.S. is simply not yet ready, but will do what its masters, international Jews want. Remember, the U.S. is akin to an idiot savant in the hands of international Jews. But if, and when this war breaks out, Israel will be lost, and the U.S., British and French will have been evicted from the entire MENA region. To their dismay, as they watch China come in to fill the void, along with a resurgent Russia. And believe me when I tell you humanity faces a more enlightened future under the Chinese ‘ win – win ‘ scenario, than Jews at the helm of a brutal, cold, cruel, oppressive, unfair, unjust system. To say the least.

    In 2006, 4500 Hezbollah ‘ regulars ‘ held off , and ultimately routed 75,000 IDF troops and two armored battalions containing 400 Merkava MBT’s (Chariots of God)-(of which Hezbollah totally destroyed 44). Now that is a very convincing defeat in the annals of military history. Hezbollah has their Special Forces and Commandos stationed just north of the Litani line, and thus saw no action. This time it will be different. They will be decimated by Hezbollah, who have by now 8 years experience in real-time combat action in Syria.

    Things wont fare any better for the U.S. troops either. We all saw what happened after the quick fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the vicious , lethal and debilitating insurgency that progressed from 2003 onwards. It got so bad for the U.S. that 14 out of 16 U.S. Army battalions were effectively bogged down in an unwinnable war against a loose federation of Sunni and Shia tribes. The U.S. forces were fighting phantoms, racing around here and there, yet always denied a pitched battle. With daisy-chained IED’s shredding armored columns and Iraqi snipers, like ‘ Juba, the Baghdad Sniper ‘ ( with hundreds of kills, all on YouTube before being taken down. The Iraqi’s knew when and where to strike, and they did with ferocity. The U.S. simply couldn’t keep the pace, as its ground forces were being ground down into the sand, and they couldn’t recruit, train and field enough quality soldiers to replace the ones severely injured, both physically and emotionally and mentally. The U.S. Joints Chiefs of Staff informed Obama that the gig was up in Iraq, and they faced defeat, and worse, a total rout. So they sent in Gen. Petraeus, who informed us of a mysterious ‘ surge ‘ about to take place. Well folks, that surge was in fact a surge, of billions and billions of dollars, brought in by U.S. airlift and dispersed by U.S. and Saudi intelligence to buy off the insurgents to stop fighting them to give them time and room to evacuate most troops and essentials, all while saving face. That was what got the U.S. out of a real disaster of enormous proportions.

    Indecently, the U.S. establishment has offered the Taliban billions too, but they insist on fighting, for the Pashtun people( the largest tribal society in the world, 30+ million people) have a deep grudge and a deep sense in settling scores. Alexander the Great met with them, and decided to go around them instead, after he encountered this war-like but sincere people. And sooner or later, if its not already happening by reading the news, China and Russia might start arming them. The Taliban derive from the Pashtun, and Afghanistan was only conquered once, by the Mongol Horde of Genghis Khan. Mongols all became Muslim, then problems ceased overnight.

    In the future war for the region and supremacy of it , the U.S./Israel/Britain/France/Arab lackeys too insignificant to really count/Kurds, will simply be no match for the forces of the axis of resistance risen against them. You have the Hezbollah militia, and many more Lebanese militias, the Syrian Arab Army, NDF and auxiliaries, Iraqi Hezbollah, various Iraqi militias, the PMU’s(Popular Mobilization Forces – Hashd Al-Shaabi) who ARE pretty much the Iraqi Armed Forces( interesting that Ayatollah Sistani hasn’t disbanded them after they evicted ISIS from Iraq. Then there are the very capable IRGC , tens of thousands of Afghan volunteers brought into Syria by Iran, who hosts millions of Afghan refugees. Thousands of Chechens, some working for the Russian MoD, others not. And if all hell breaks loose, which I think it will, the totality of the Iranian Armed Forces, the volunteer Basij who by some estimates are about 17 million individuals, all sworn an oath to annihilate the Zionist usurper regime. Most of these said forces already have 8 years of desert, rural and urban fighting experience against an enemy who wishes for death on the battlefield and was very tenacious.

    The U.S./Israeli’s et al will have entered the jaws of the lion, from which to come out would prove to be impossible. Cheap yet lethal weapons, like the C-108 anti-ship missile that nearly sunk Israel’s naval flagship in 2006, of Chinese make, will pour into this coming war, coupled with manpower from the axis of resistance, who can also derive their pool of volunteers from Iraq-Syrian Arab, Assyrian tribes, bode a very ill-fated war for Israel, her existence and U.S.’s role in the MENA. This is the war that will cripple the U.S. and doom its already overflowing and teetering Veterans Administration. More homeless, sick, psychotic , amputees , alcoholics, wife-beaters added to the ocean of them roaming the U.S. Many have taken up heroin and Fentanyl to ease their suffering. All for the illegal , racist, immoral , shape-shifting entity called Israel.

    Air power, has its limitations. In 2006, Israel had total air superiority and couldn’t change the dynamics of the situation on the ground. Israel was not even able to take and hold even Lebanese border villages. Their much-vaunted Golani Brigades got nearly surrounded and annihilated.

    And air-power wont change the dynamics in the coming war either. Wars are mostly fought and won on the ground. And that will prove to be the case here too. The forces of the axis of resistance are too highly skilled and too mobile for air strikes.

    And in case Trump takes the advice of lunatic Jews, like the billionaire Casino Mogul, Sheldon Adelson, who’s vocally advocating for, and use nuclear weapons on Iran, then the totality of Israel with its 6-7 million pop. will be annihilated, and the entire Middle Eastern map will have changed in the most dramatic ways. Gone will be the Gulf Monarchies, all of them will fall. Palestine will be back to being Palestine, and China will move along quickly to realize the OBR Silk Road to the Mediterranean. China – Pakistan – Iran – Iraq – Syria – and finally Lebanon, where China is in the process now of building a giant port.

    If either the U.S. and/or Israel decide to go un-conventional on Iran, or anyone in the region, the world Jewish body will automatically lose between 6-7 million people. Iran has every square meter/foot of Israel mapped out for bombardment in redundancy using very accurate ( thanks to the Chinese and North Koreans) guidance systems armed with high yield warheads. The Iranians wont even give Netanyahu and his ilk time to evacuate to the U.S. All airports, airfields, seaports will be the first to go.

    Iran is a nation of 90 million people, highly skilled and innovative people. They will wither what comes their way. Also, Iran has something called a ‘ Fatwa ‘, or ‘ religious edict/ruling ‘ against nuclear weapons, but the Quran permits you to use what your enemy has used on you, to ultimately oppress you. So, given that, Iran’s Expedentiary Council, the highest ruling body, could easily annul, overturn or dismiss any given ‘ Fatwa ‘ very quickly and I’m pretty sure Iran has had this scenario played out just in case. The Fatwa, as it stands today, shields Iran from a lot of international headaches and gives it plausible deniability. Iran for sure has uranium and plutonium enriched to 95% or better, the warheads and the means to deliver them. That means anything within a 2000 km range.

    Long gone also will be the giant oil and gas fields of the Persian Gulf monarchies. They will be destroyed, and with it, there goes the Petro-Dollar. Poof, up in smoke the oil and gas that has been keeping the U.S. afloat, and keeping the Jewish global monetary scheme alive for the last 100 years.

    A monetary system the international Jews have been nurturing since centuries, all gone. Because Iran, with its ballistic missiles, some estimates say at least 400-500 thousand will see an end to it all.

    You know. The 19th century belonged to the British, and they wreaked havoc on humanity. The 20th century belonged to the U.S. , and also wreaked havoc and continue to do so. The mid 21st century and beyond will surely belong to China. For they are better masters. May not have a voracious sense of humor, but very sincere people who have never done no harm to no one.

    As Salam wa Alekum. Peace Be Upon You All.

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