What comes next after the US Assassination of Qassem Soleimani? The Options.



By Elijah J. Magnier: @ejmalrai

The US did not plan to kill the vice commander of the Iraqi Hashd al-Shaabi brigade Abu Mahdi al-Muhandes when it assassinated Iranian Brigadier General Qassem Soleimani on Thursday at 11:00 PM local time at Baghdad airport. Usually, when Soleimani was arriving in Baghdad, security commander Abu Zeinab al-Lami, a deputy officer to al Muhandes, would have welcomed him. This time, al-Lami was outside Iraq and al-Muhandes replaced him. The US plan was to assassinate an Iranian General on Iraqi soil, not to kill a high-ranking Iraqi officer. By killing al-Muhandes, the US violated its treaty obligation to respect the sovereignty of Iraq and to limit its activity to training and offering intelligence to fight the “Islamic State”, ISIS. It has also violated its commitment to refrain from overflying Iraq without permission of the Iraqi authorities.

The double assassination has embarrassed both the US and the Iraqis. US embarrassment is evident from the fact that official statements by Pompeo, Esper et al. have made no mention of the killing of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandes. On the Iraqi side caretaker Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi has been forced to call a special meeting of the Iraqi Parliament to discuss withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. It will be difficult to achieve a consensus for asking US troops to depart.

But if the Iraqi Parliament does pass such a resolution, it will hit the US harshly. Anti-US resentment is not universal among Iraqi politicians; Iraqi leaders are divided on the US presence. That is one of the main reasons the US felt at ease in assassinating Soleimani on Iraqi soil.

The US changed the rules of engagement. They had decided to assassinate Soleimani when he was in Syria, having just returned from a short journey to Lebanon, before boarding a commercial flight from Damascus airport to Baghdad. The US killing machine was waiting for him to land in Baghdad and monitored his movements when he was picked up at the foot of the plane. The US hit the two cars, carrying Soleimani and the al-Muhandes protection team, when they were still inside the airport perimeter and were slowing down at the first check-point.


The Iranian leadership hopes that the Iraqi Parliament will ask US forces to leave Iraq. This decision may be reached if Moqtada al-Sadr joins his 53 MPs to those of the Al-Bina’ coalition, enough to get an affirmative vote of 165 MPs. The Kurdish MPs, most of the Sunni, and the Shia Ammar al-Hakim and Haidar al-Abadi will not vote in favour of US withdrawal.

Notwithstanding the outcome of the vote, US forces will no longer be safe in Iraq, including inside the military bases where they are deployed. A potential danger or hit-man could be lurking at every corner; this will limit the free movement of US soldiers.

Iran would be delighted were the Iraqi groups to decide to hit the American forces and hunt them wherever they are. This would rekindle memories of the first clashes between Jaish al-Mahdi and US forces in Najaf in 2004-2005.

The leader of the Iranian Revolution Sayyed Ali Khamenei told the Iranian National Security Council in its first meeting after the assassination of Soleimani that “it is important to make a strong, severe and clear response”. This means Sayyed Khamenei this time wants the world to know that it is Iran, and not its allies that is carrying out the retaliation against US forces, a practice of direct confrontation Iran has eschewed in the past.


Well-informed sources said, “Iran’s choices are various and objectives are not lacking in the region and abroad”.

“Iran can sink a US ship with over 100 personnel onboard or kill a high-ranking US officer at the level of Soleimani. In both cases, the situation will escalate, and Iran should be ready for it”, said the source.

All indications point to the Iraqi theatre. The US worked hard to kick Iran out of Iraq. Iran is now working to kick US forces out of Iraq on the basis of US behaviour. Magic is turning against the magician. However, achieving this goal will not be without complications.

Even if the Iraqi Parliament decides to expel the US forces, they can always pull back to Iraqi Kurdistan and position their troops at a distance from Baghdad, lending their support to Kurdish independence.

What is certain is that Iran’s allies in Iraq will be offered unlimited support to fight the US forces wherever they are. Iran’s first objective is to send back US soldiers in plastic bags, particularly before the US elections.


The initiative is in the hands of Iran. Washington has sent letters through the Swiss embassy in Tehran indicating that “it is not interested in war or escalation”. Iran responded that “all negotiations are over with this administration; the assassination of Soleimani will be punished”.

But Iran is known to be pragmatic, and will likely find a way to walk this crisis home without needing to go to war. Trump is pushing Iran out of its comfort zone, obliging Iran to respond with an assassination attack similar to that which the US just perpetrated. Last year, Iran refrained from downing a US spy plane with 38 officers on board. It is unlikely to show such forbearance in the near future.

Iran considers that the US has declared war on the country, demanding a “nuclear response.” In a few days, Iran is expected to announce another withdrawal from the “nuclear deal” that was shredded and violated by President Trump in 2018.

Iran will not likely rush into retaliating. It will more likely keep the US waiting for a possible attack on many fronts, exhausting its finances and security measures to protect its forces, its commanders and VIPs. Iranian retaliation will be considered and precise but will seek to avoid dragging Iran and the Middle East into an all-out-war. Iran’s response is unlikely to trigger a US prompt reply.

Proofread by  C.G.B. and Maurice Brasher

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31 thoughts on “What comes next after the US Assassination of Qassem Soleimani? The Options.

  1. Long live Shahid Qassem Soleimani!!!

    Regardless of the consequences of the US latest dastardly crime, the martyrdom of Commander of the Axis of Resistance Qassem Soleimani will speed the fall of the US empire as a dominant force in Southwest Asia. The assassination of a man Supreme Leader Imam Khamenei considered a “living martyr” will reverberate in the Middle East and beyond for decades to come. The effect will be like that of the assassination of “Che” Guevara, whose iconic picture crossed planet borders and is carried around by the wretched of the earth anywhere they revolt against oppression. Shahid Soleimani was a master strategist, a holy warrior, a zealot of resistance against oppression, a visionary who created an Axis of Resistance under the nose of the US and Israel, and turned entire countries into a resistance force, e.g. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and many others we don’t even know about.

    Chairman Mao was quoted as saying “the death of a man can be as light as a feather, or as heavy as a mountain.” No doubt the death of Shahid Soleimani will be the insurmountable mountain against which the plans for domination and oppression in the ME by the US/NATO and their bastard child, Israel, will crash again and again. We only need to look at Lebanon’s/Iraq’s Hezbollah, Yemen’s Houthis, et al, to witness the spirit of Soleimani behind the defeats of the Saudis and their tens of thousands of mercenaries in Yemen, behind the strategic parity Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah forced on the Israelis, behind the defeat of the US and their fake and phony “muslim” proxy scum in Syria. It was Soleimani who traveled to Russia to warn Putin/Shoigu/Lavrov that if Syria fell to the taqfiri scum, their Caucasus soft underbelly would be fair game.

    Shahid Soleimani never hid. He was always right out there at the war front, ready for martyrdom, which he expected it could happen any minute. I consider his assassination a failure of Iranian intelligence. Many attempts were thwarted before the final mortal blow, he was a living target, a marked man, and he knew it. US/Israel intelligence elaborated a trap that was effective because it was simple. They fabricated a bogus attack on one of their Iraqi bases, concocted the death of a “contractor,” so far no one knows whether the so-called “contractor” was civilian or military, or an alphabet soup spook. Based on flimsy “defense” pretexts, the US launched an attack on Iraq’s PMU militias, created by Soleimani to fight ISIS, then the criminals sat and waited for Soleimani to show up.

    All the Iranian intel needed to do to protect Soleimani, was to compare the context of the attack Bill Clinton launched on “Al Qaeda” in Afghanistan and Sudan in 1998, to Trump’s impeachment trial. Any good intel agency would have advised Shahid Soleimani to wait before going to Iraq, particularly after the PMU attack, just in case Trump wanted to “wag the dog” like Bill Clinton. And wag the dog Trump did, surpassing Clinton by such a margin he turned himself into a target, putting at risk the lives of thousands of Americans in the ME and beyond. Trump assassinated Soleimani to divert attention from the latest incriminatory revelations of his pathetic quid pro quo with Ukraine. Full stop.

    Speculations over the future in the US/Iran confrontation are not my cup of tea, however, Iran war with Saddam’s Iraq showed their determination and steadfastness to defend their country no matter the dangers. Soleimani and most of the Iranian military brass were shaped in that atrocious war against a psychopath who threw every conceivable forbidden weapon against Iranians, all courtesy of the US. The Iranian political and military leadership should approach the assassination of Soleimani with a cool head. Their constant declarations for revenge only contribute to inflame the context of the confrontation, adding nothing to a military response, making Iranians look like hostile and aggressive before the world. A mature political-military leadership will not engage in threats.
    Those old enough to remember, never witnessed Ho Chi Minh or North Viet Nam leadership yelling “revenge!” to the world, they promised to defend their country and expel the US, which they did, and always appeared as victims of an aggression, awakening world-wide solidarity with them and global condemnation of the US. Viet Nam’s political-military strategy was to win hearts and minds, and they did, Gen. Giap was never a vociferous warmonger. “Humility make them haughty,” taught master strategist Sun Tzu, and the Vietnamese followed that to the letter. The US can carpet-bomb Iran several times over, and then some, bomb Iran back to the Stone Age. The Iranians have built their defenses to counter such attacks, however, the MIC would be very happy to get rid of old ordnance to keep the war machine going, their warehouses are full and waiting for another “Made in the USA” war of aggression, the longer, the better.

    And Trump is creating the perception that a prolonged conflict would be Iran’s choice, asking Iranians via the Swiss embassy to give a “proportionate response” to the assassination of Soleimani. While the shameless, ridiculous petition serves only to reveal Trump’s fears that his reckless policies might cause his defeat comes November, it also signals the US willingness for a tit-for-tat, case closed. Trump clearly said no “regime change” or war against Iran is in the horizon, the US goal was to get rid of Soleimani. Full stop. Iran’s path to avoid a bloody confrontation that can turn them into another failed state like their neighbor Iraq, which never recovered from the US invasion, lays in between their calls for revenge and the US offer of a face-saving response to the killing of Soleimani.

    May Allah give the Iranian leadership the wisdom to save their people from the plight neighboring countries are suffering after decades of war. A devastating response from Iran could unleash a conflict of cataclysmic proportions and sink Iran into a war from which the devastation of Syria/Yemen/Afghanistan/Lybia would be a walk in the park in comparison. That is the REAL purpose of the US/NATO/Israel, to keep these countries in permanent conflict, wasting their resources into a military morass, losing their gains in technology, science, education and other fields, condemning them to poverty and social upheaval for decades to come. Look at Iraq’s morass. It was not a coincidence the US chose to kill Soleimani in Baghdad, Iraq is a Swiss cheese of foreign agents, CIA/Mossad/MI6, BND, etc.

    Instead of a “devastating response” as the Iranians are promising, why not give Trump and the US a death by a thousand cuts, quietly, Vietnamese style?

    Lone Wolf

  2. Thanks for the well written article. But I think you miss something here.

    WHY was the US killing Suleimani in the first place? Why NOW and why in Baghdad?
    I am afraid you are too optimistic in assuming that warmongers in Washington are not out for all-out war. IMHo they very much are. And the evil part is, that the real reaction from Iran might not even matter.

    The US defense minister is on record that the US reserves the right to strike “preemptively” whenever they want and that Iran is solely responsible for whatever happens ANYWHERE in the region. IN other words, a perfect setup for either a false flag attack, conducted, for instance by Israel (the USS Liberty comes to mind) to push the US over the edge. The hardliners around Lieberman and Netanyahu have lobbied for a US war against Iran for many years.

    And even if such a false flag didn’t occur, there will be enough rogue actors in Iraq that Iran has no control over who might carry out attacks that are severe enough to make the US retaliate. And as Espen has made clear, they will attack Iranian targets or even targets in Iran in such a case, assuming that Iran will be responsible no matter what.

    In short, the USA have created a situation where, by accident or design, a cahin reaction could be set in motion that nobody can control anymore. And the bad part is that the Israeli hardliners have every incentive to light the fuse one way or another.

    And in the US, warhawks like Lindsey Graham are on record that they would like to bomb Iranian oil refineries. Graham is the one guy who is standing between Trump and impeachment and he was the one senator who Trump talked to prior to the murder of Suleimani.
    While the democrats (most of them) are warhawks, too, they might refrain from attacking Iran due to the unpopularity of such a war with the electorate. Couldn’t it be that the war faction in Washington fears that the window of opportunity (for war with Iran) might close by November and that they want to get the war going while Trump is still president? I don’t think that Trump wants that but he may have no choice, thanks to the looming impeachment. And then, Trump has always done Bibi’s bidding and is on record stating that US foreign policy in the region is guided by Israel’s interests first and foremost, not America’s.

    I hope you are right and my fears are overblown, but as things stand I fear the worst for the brave Iranian people and also for the cultural heritage sites there.

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