America achieved its most important goals in the Ukraine war and subjugated Europe.

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

The Belgian European capital has hosted an important summit chaired by US President Joe Biden, which included his European counterparts in NATO in a security meeting that will determine the fate of the European continent and its defence lines. It affirms America’s victory in achieving its most important goals. These consist of the western states isolating Russia and reliably arming Ukraine with adequate weapons. The US officials said that Russia should pay an exorbitant price for the war on Ukraine. That can only be achieved by prolonging the length of the war, with the consequences affecting Moscow in the long term and subjugating and pushing Europe to toe the US line for the next decade. The US President said it clearly: “NATO has never, never been united as it is today”. Biden’s second objective was to bring all NATO states behind him, mainly the hesitant Western European leaders, an important position for the US to achieve its anti-Russia goals and prepare for the following steps.

President Biden did not need to come to Europe to achieve what he had already succeeded in attaining since Russia began the war on Ukraine on the 24th of last February. Biden forced all European countries to submit to the United States’ policy, which aimed to impose economic and security sanctions on Russia to isolate it, not from the world, but the European continent in the first place. However, Washington’s allies are suffering from their sanctions on Russia. A severe confusion has been created in the European Union’s corridors where officials no longer know if they have imposed sanctions on Russia or themselves! The EU is sweating and feeling the significant backfire of its own sanctions.

Europe is an important economic partner for Russia, which was reaping huge profits from selling oil and gas to the old continent and dealing with it in the significant economic, food, and industrial fields.

In recent years, the Russian-European relationship had become a threat to US interests, which found a source of strength for the Russian economy and what it brought with it as a political influence that began to appear in the international arena. The US was undoubtedly annoyed by Russia’s intervention in Syria at the government’s request in Damascus. Moreover, Russia was present in Iraq, where it had a joint security room in Baghdad with the Iraqi security forces. Moscow also offered support to Iran in many fields. The Russian-Iranian ties and hundreds of billions of dollars’ trade deal spoiled America’s harsh sanctions, which Iran managed with its relations with Russia and other countries. Iran evaded the effect of many sanctions, and its rewards were advances in the civilian and military fields and technologies. 

In addition, China’s voice has risen in defiance of America in several forums because of its economic strength and its distinguished relationship with Russia, which is the country that has the most nuclear bombs in the world (5900 of which 1500 are not armed). Close Russian-Chinese cooperation gave Beijing the necessary impetus to push back the US hegemony and challenge it. Consequently, Russia’s daring presence in the international arena and its ability to 

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher