Israel and Iran have disciplined their open warfare after an exchange of blows.

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

A Palestinian youth killed seven settlers and wounded ten others in the capital of Palestine, Jerusalem, in a qualitative operation that Israel did not expect, where heavily armed Israeli forces were deployed to extend their authority with an iron fist that proved easy to counter. Tel Aviv responded by sending a few small drones through its agents, which caused minor damage to the concrete roof of a building belonging to the Iranian Ministry of Defence in Isfahan. Not content with the insignificant result of the Isfahan attack, Israeli planes attacked an Iranian convoy carrying food supplies as it crossed Iraq into Syrian territory without causing any human casualties. What are the two parties trying to do, and what messages are they exchanging?

The attack in Jerusalem and other previous attacks carried out by Palestinians with Israeli identity cards is solid proof of their attachment to their country and their cause, which they have not forgotten despite their young age. This shows that the bets of Arab and Western countries that the new generation will not be committed to the Palestinian cause are wrong. The young generation is determined to confront Israel and the West, which promised a Palestinian state during the peace process but reneged on its commitment to internationally supervised agreements.

As a result, the Palestinian people have proved that they want to liberate their land and that Israel’s military might, unmatched by any other power in the Middle East, will not intimidate, deter or prevent them from achieving their just cause.

But the rise of young people – who claim no affiliation to any known Palestinian faction – to attack Israeli settlers and soldiers is shocking and reassuring to Israel. It surprises Israeli officials because they are not used to similar painful attacks for which no Palestinian organisation claims responsibility to boost its standing among the Palestinian population. This is one of the mistakes that the various Palestinian organisations make when they claim responsibility because it usually leads Israel to take revenge by killing Palestinian leaders under the pretext of self-defence.

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