The United States and Saudi Arabia agreed to join effort to defeat ISIS in Syria



2 thoughts on “The United States and Saudi Arabia agreed to join effort to defeat ISIS in Syria

  1. Not ISIS, not ANY Muslim has the right to define one another chances to get to know Allah. If Allah would not want certain people alive, why were they born? Why are they still breathing? Allah would not least need ANY human to take a life, is it NOT? These people are placing themselves next to Allah, which Muslims are ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed to do! They are trying to pose as if they were Allah themselves, as if they have the right to kill any life! As if they have the right to kill another persons chance to get to know Allah, these terrorists take their fellow beings their chance of getting to know the truth. These TERRORISTS prescribe people their religious life, whereby the ability of these people to voluntarily support is immediately revoked and made impossible. Not just Islam, ANY religion DEMANDS a free choice, a free backing and free support of it. Any otherwise, is not a real choice. These TERRORISTS are KILLING peoples ability to choose for Allah! These TERRORISTS run around yelling “USA is hypocrite, that is the reason” or “we are being attacked”. Well, it is up to Allah according to Islamic religion to punish. And if you punish, punish the ones that you are CERTAIN of that killed your wife or your children, ANYTHING ELSE IS MURDER! Those murderers placing themselves in Allah’s place will DEFINITELY NOT be rewarded for such blatant disgusting actions and I hope and pray they may change! ALL YOU TERRORISTS READING THIS ARE WARNED. WHATEVER YOUR HATE IS, KILLING INNOCENTS IS MURDER. TAKING PEOPLES CHANCE TO GET TO KNOW ALLAH WITHOUT THEM POSING DIRECT APPARENT THREAT TO YOUR LIVES, IS A HUGE CRIME. YOU WILL BURN FOR THAT INSTEAD OF BEING REWARDED. YOU ARE HEREBY WARNED.

  2. Good initiative by US, Saudi Arabia & Iran to contain the conflict. But these effort will be fruitful only if implemented with complete confidence & honesty. Pray for success of these efforts.

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