Why the United States of America support “Al-Qaeda” in Syria?


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  • Assad’s allies rally for the “great battle” in Syria
  • The World remembers the U.S Stinger gift to the Mujahedeen that made Afghanistan’s history and will remember the TOW gift to the Mujahedeen in Syria.
  • Hezbollah injects additional 3000 men in the forthcoming attack.


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BAGHDAD – from Elijah J. Magnier:

In one of its private closed doors meeting, the Secretary-General of the Lebanese “Hezbollah” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said “any failure to Russia today in Syria will push back the Russian bear into the wall of its own geographical boundaries. Russia will no longer be able to expand its influence outside the country. And the support of America’s allies in the Middle East to Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) aims to hit Russia directly, knowingly that “al-Qaeda” will never be loyal to the U.S.A. Washington will not benefit from any growing power of al-Qaeda but to derail Russia in Syria. Therefore, the Kremlin is in front of a strategic challenge. The only option for the Russian President Vladimir Putin is victory. Otherwise the failure will be catastrophic on Moscow. ”

A source among the leadership staff in the 4 +1 (Russia, Iraq, Syria and Iran + Lebanon’s Hezbollah) operation room told “AL RAI” that “Russia wants the world to know that the unilateral and absolute control of the United States to the world are gone; that Washington’s bet depends on the steadfastness of the Syrian opposition front, including al-Qaeda, in front of the Russian air force for as long as possible. Washington wants to mobilize the necessary international political support to stop the Russian strikes that turned the table on all the players in the region, especially Turkey, which leader had promised to pray in the mosque of the Umayyad after 4 months from the start of the uprising in Syria in 2011. Therefore, it was decided – in light of the intense military support reaching al-Qaeda and its allies – to increase the number of air strikes as well as the destructive lethal force to inflict the greatest number of losses among the extremist groups in al-Sham when the main battle to free the Northern rural areas begin. ”

According to the source who acts as a coordinator between the military operation rooms in Baghdad and Damascus “the ground forces of the Syrian army and the allied forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), Hezbollah Lebanon and other allies are slowly progressing only to shorten the distance wit the main enemy forces and take direct contact on several fronts in rural areas of Homs, Hama, Aleppo and Latakia to face the biggest force of Syrian rebels “Jaish al-Fath” (army of conquest) of which Al-Qaeda is main ally. For now, the 120mm and 160 mm cannon do not really affect the militants and their congregations areas as expected due to the fact that the targets are out of artillery reach. Therefore, the main achievement now is to bring the main attacking forces – who are not yet engaged in the battle – very close to the rebel’s area to begin the broad offensive in the coming days or weeks. ”

The source said, “The Russian air force has targeted about 500 terrorist objectives and control centers, communication and training camps and stores of weapons of tactical and strategic control centers. Drones and human resources on the ground update and renew the Bank of targets. The presence of the Russian Air Force in the sky of Syria hit any gatherings so that Al-Qaeda and its allies can no longer carry out any large offensive or assembled large forces to attack any area under the control of the Syrian regular army. Russian Air Force hit daily the rebels demarcation and defence lines and use special ammunition to inflict the greatest damage, mainly to reduce the use of the U.S.A supplied anti-tank missile “TOW “. Rebels, including al-Qaeda, are using the “TOW” not only against tanks and armed vehicles but also against individuals due to the generous quantity supplied. The World remembers the U.S gift to the Mujahedden, the Stinger missile that made Afghanistan’s history and will remember the same gift repeated to the Mujahedeen in Syria with the TOW”.

The Russian air force is expected to support the forthcoming large ground offensive. More forces are gathering in the past days. Hezbollah alone, in the countryside of Idlib, is injecting new forces. Around 3,000 fresh fighters of the mobilisation force where injected into the area “so these can gather experience that can be used one day against Israel”. These won’t participate to direct contact with extremists groups, “a task left to the elite troops already deployed in the area that took part in the battles and Qusseir, Yabrud, Qalamoon and Zabadani. ”

Hezbollah and Syria are also happy with the Russian-Israeli coordination, which prevent harassment of Israel on the borders with Syria. In exchange Israel will refrain from targeting the Syria Army in support of Syrian rebels. Officers on Israel and Russian sides talk to each others and exert the art of the impossible in Syria.

The United States is rejecting any intelligence exchange, coordination of air strikes or to discuss the Bank of objectives, which may contribute effectively to strike terror in Syria for unknown reasons. The war on terrorism is supposed to be a regional and an international aim, or at least this is what everyone is saying.

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