Donald Trump is singing “Salil al Sawarem” in ISIS’ ears


The West must apologize to Muslims for ISIS’ doing


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Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai


When the front-runner for the US Republican presidential nomination Donald Trump called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S.”, ​​he is in fact singing the “clanging of the swords” (ISIS propaganda video) in the ears of the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS). ISIS’ ultimate goal is to push the world to wage war on Islam, which represents a quarter of the World population. ISIS would like to see Muslims, living in western continents, where they were born or brought up or migrated to, leaving Dar al-Kufr (Land of disbelief) for the ill-treatment to find refuge only in Dar-al-Islam (Land of Islam). This is exactly what Trump is doing.

The group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced, in his speech on 13th of May that the world will “soon begin to displace them (Muslims) and take them away either dead, imprisoned, or homeless” (read more below). He was planning to hit a potential target, and hoped harsh reaction against Muslims would be strongly manifested after the bloody planned event. He has predicted what Donald Trump would say.

It should not be on the Muslims – who make up a quarter of the world’s population – to defend themselves and apologise for what ISIS is doing because they are the first victims of terrorism in their own countries. ISIS is killing more Muslims, Sunnis and non-Sunnis, than non-Muslims. Muslims around the World are also living in fear of repercussion for ISIS doing and they also are the victims of the group.

If we count the number of Muslims killed by ISIS in one particular month adding Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Lebanon and Nigeria, the figure exceeds the number of victims of the terrorist attacks of the U.S. 9/11, or the London 7/7 or the Paris attack last month.

Islam is a religion such as Christianity, Judaism or any other religions. Terrorism is not a religion. Even if the killing is made in the name of Islam, ISIS has ideological and dominance goals over the Middle East, in the first place, and other continents in the second place. ISIS is managing the savagery that the United States and its allies have initiated for ISIS to continue afterward.

There are about two and a half billion Muslims in different spots of the world. Salafist Jihadists represent a very small part, and the number of those killed by religious terrorist attacks is still inferior to those killed by “kings of drugs” anywhere in the World.

The media shares also a responsibility for creating fear in societies for ISIS doing, reflecting ill explanation of ISIS ideology and creed. On the ground, the “great victories” of the group are highlighted due to writers’ own political agenda that is hostile to the Iraqi government, the Shia militia and the Syrian regime.

Moreover, when the Kremlin declared “war on Terror” and “the protection of the Syrian regime” , the attention shifted on attacking the Russian strikes in Syria. Even when the Russian jets attacked ISIS oil tankers – unseen for 13 months by the U.S coalition bombing objectives in Syria and Iraq – the media shifted to accuse Assad regime, ally of Russia crippling ISIS oil revenue , as “the only buyer of ISIS oil”.

Now we hear about the Kurds, described as “the best army to fight ISIS” in Syria and Iraq. Media forget that Erbil screamed for help when ISIS came close to its borders in July 2014 and that 80% of Kobani was under ISIS control before the U.S intervention to recover it with the U.S and British Special Forces support. Just to promote the partition of Syria and Iraq like we don’t have enough of the U.S and allies mistakes and mess in foreign policy affaris. History is the best judge:

During the Soviet invasion to Afghanistan, the U.S supported the Mujahedeen and from their womb al-Qaeda was born. In 2003, when the U.S occupied Iraq and Ambassador Paul Bremer declared the de-baathefication law, hundred of thousands of civil servants where in the street, including security forces. Today. Many of these are part of ISIS military and leadership.

The western society is in need of Muslims to stand against ISIS narrative and ideology with a counter argument emanating from the same Quran and the Hadith. Muslims would listen to a scholar more than to a politician or a leader of a state, responsible for killing hundred of thousands of civilians in their country of origin or among their Muslim brothers. It is not up to these Muslims to apologise for ISIS doing. An apology would make them partner in ISIS terrorist attacks. It is up to the West to apology for contributing in creating and strengthening terrorist organisations that are putting Muslim in the west under scrutiny and fear. A “Sorry” to Muslims will not be a bad idea.



Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi speech on the 14th of March 2015:” “And if the Crusaders today claim to avoid the Muslim public and to confine themselves to targeting the armed amongst them, then soon you will see them targeting every Muslim everywhere. And if the Crusaders today have begun to bother the Muslims who continue to live in the lands of the cross by monitoring them, arresting them, and questioning them, then soon they will begin to displace them and take them away either dead, imprisoned, or homeless. They will not leave anyone amongst them except one who apostatizes from his religion and follows theirs. And you will remember what I now say to you, and I entrust my affair to Allah.”

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