The US Inflation Reduction Act, the last bullet in The EU industry’s head

By Elijah J. Magnier:

When former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said, “to be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal, ” he was right. The negative consequences of the war in Ukraine have revealed some of its obvious harmful effects on Europe and other hidden ones that are likely to emerge at some point in the future, to the detriment of the US’s allies and to the advantage of Washington. That is why US administration officials, unlike their European counterparts, have proved to be excellent strategists in planning, conducting and reaping all the benefits of the war in Ukraine. The latest is the migration of European industry to North America due to the lack of energy and raw materials on the continent following the EU’s decision to cut itself off from Russia and soon from China.

Kissinger was referring to President Ngo Dinh Diem, the US-backed president of South Vietnam, who was assassinated by his own military after the US withdrew its support. Nguyen Van Thieu, who led the attack on the presidential palace to arrest Diem, became the US-backed president of South Vietnam before being abandoned when the US withdrew from Vietnam. “The Americans promised us – we trusted them,” Van Thieusaid before leaving his country just a day before Communist forces took control of Hanoi in 1975, travelling to the US to seek refuge, where he died aged 78.

History repeats itself, offering valuable lessons, but Western leaders are slow to learn or even blind, perhaps by choice. So far, in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine, nothing has gone Europe’s way, but every step seems to be to the US’s advantage. First, Europe was denied the flow of cheap Russian gas, with serious consequences for the European populations and its industry. To ensure that European leaders don’t buckle under the popular pressure of high inflation and return to business with Russia, the US Navy appears to have blown up the main gas supply to Germany, Nord Stream 1 and 2Disrupting business between Europe and Russia has been the goal of many US presidents, with little success until President Biden took office and promised to cut off this gas supply.

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher