US “soft power” hits Iran and its allies’ media

By Elijah J. Magnier:

The US Justice Department hit Iran with electronic blindness by using its soft power when 36 websitesbelonging to various media, TV, publications and outlets were seized. These websites belong to Iran and its allies in Iraq mainly but also in Bahrein and Yemen. The move coincides with two Iranian Navy ships carrying weapons navigating towards the US’s backyard, Venezuela, triggering alarms and irritation in Washington. Moreover, Ansarallah Houthis claim having shot down two US-made “SCAN EAGLE” drones ($3.2 million for each one) in Yemen. Consequently, the US decision reflects a growing conflict between Washington and Tehran and the entrenched hostility between them in the Middle East and beyond.

The concept of “soft power” relies on cultural, moral, social, economic and media influence, although its effectiveness is modest in general. It seeks to influence the inner reality of people. It is a form of force that tries to achieve some goals or broadcast diplomatic or direct messages in an attempt to change an obvious reality before or without the use of military “hard power.”It is difficult to attribute one single and specific reason for the US’s behaviour, especially since the Middle East is going through a phase of transformation on several fronts. There 

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