The “Axis of the Resistance” versus the “Axis of Normalisation” on Iraqi soil

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

Palestinian scholars visited the holy city of Karbala in memory of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib and chanted “support for al Aqsa” mosque in Jerusalem and “death to Israel”. At the same moment, a gathering in the city of Erbil chanted in favour of normalisation with Israel during a conference which was held in Iraqi Kurdistan. The timing is less than perfect for the three prominent leaders of the country (the President, the Ministers and the Speaker), due to the Erbil conference taking place a few weeks before the parliamentary elections, where all three leaders are desirous of renewing their mandate for a second term. But the Erbil conference, held under the title of “Peace Summit”, generated a political and popular storm that prompted all politicians, spiritual leaders and even the leadership of Kurdistan -Iraq to repudiate what happened- as if it was a surprise conference that no one knew about! The death penalty was asked to be implemented upon the attendees. But was this Erbil summit a surprise after all?

Article 201 of the Iraqi Penal Code states that “anyone who recruits or promotes Zionist principles, including Freemasonry, or who is affiliated with any of its institutions, or assists them financially or morally, or works in any way to achieve its objectives, shall be punished with death.” Article 201 was amended by the Third Amendment Law No. 130 of 1975.

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher


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