Are Arad and Cohen in one place waiting for an exchange with the 4 Iranian diplomats?

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

Israel has promised ten million dollars to anyone who provides information about Lt. Colonel Ron Arad, whose plane crashed in 1986 over Lebanon. However, this reward has not resulted in finding Arad or his remains, principally because Israel did not follow the well-known and- in such circumstances- accepted protocol to reach its goal. Thus, Israel has actually received payment in the same “currency” that it paid to Iran. Israeli officials had indeed said that the four Iranian diplomats who went missing in Lebanon in 1982 were killed and that the location of their bodies was unknown. However, the mystery is not limited to the fate of Lt. Colonel Ron Arad only, it goes deeper. The remains of Eli Cohen have apparently joined Ron Arad, and they most probably are in the same place. The Israeli kidnapping of an Iranian General in Damascus (before him, they had kidnapped Lebanese militants to obtain desperately needed information) will lead to no result. The potential Russian intervention to get information about Arad or recover Cohen’s remains is expected to fail unless Israel decides to negotiate seriously about the fate of the missing Iranian diplomats.

Several months ago, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) General “Ashraf Sabri” was walking in the Mezzeh area of ​​Damascus, not far from his home and within a fair distance from the Iranian embassy, close to the al-Razi hospital. A​ van stopped before him, and people joined another team on the same street to drug him, wrapped him in cardboard, and kidnapped him. He was transferred to a secure place through a complex security path with security collusion from parties that had permission to bypass the many checkpoints 

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