Why is Europe paying the price for the US provocation of Russia in Ukraine?

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

The United States of America, Europe and other Western countries are advertising and preparing as if the war between Russia and Ukraine were taking place “at any time”.Still, it seems Russia and Ukraine are not aware of the so-called “invasion plans”.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskysaid that the “information” about a potential Russian invasion is “only provoking panic and not helping us”. Westerners have been instructed to evacuate Ukraine as quickly as possible so that the chaotic Afghanistan experience, where America withdrew hastily and in disorder, would not be repeated. The Kremlin denies any intention to invade, alleging that the “Anglo-Saxons need a war at any cost”: they are spreading misinformation and triggering provocations. Still, this frenetic campaign indicates that there is enough time yet for a planned and deliberate withdrawal, not a withdrawal without opportunity. But what will happen to Europe and its gas needs, mainly Germany and Italy, when Washington decides to provoke a war and that the Russian-German 1,230 kilometre gas pipeline “Nord Stream-2” would be blocked in this event?

Europe relies on Russia to import natural gas for more than 46.8 per cent of its needs, and much less than that for importing Russian oil, on which it is that depends in the first place.

The European countries importing most Russian gas are – according to Eurostat – Germany, whose quantity reaches above 65% of its needs, followed by Italy 43%, Greece 39%, the Netherlands26%, France 17%, Sweden 13%, Spain 10%, Portugal 9.7% and Belgium6.5%.

Consequently, America “agrees” with Europe and behaves as if it owns the ultimate decision of peace or war while carelessly risking cutting off Russian gas if it happens which is expected to be very painful for the European population. The US will not be affected but will by the same token reiterate its dominance and influence over Europe. 

President Vladimir Putin is prepared to confront any US-European sanctions decisions by agreeing with China– without necessarily welcoming a possible attack on Ukraine – and Iran to face the potential forthcoming challenges. Since Donald Trump was in power, the US has given clear indications of its use of SWIFT, the world’s most extensive messaging payment system, and weaponizing the dollar as a sanction weapon that Biden is close to using among other financial sanctions to cripple the Russian economy.

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher