Unravelling the US military escalation in the Middle East: A Response to Failure in Ukraine.

By Elijah J. Magnier:  

Since the beginning of US President Joe Biden’s term, the world has witnessed a surprising shift in the US administration’s approach to the Middle East in recent weeks. For years, the region had experienced a relative de-escalation as countries settled their differences and formed political and economic alliances. However, this newfound calm has been interrupted by a resurgence of war rhetoric and military escalation from the United States, raising questions about the underlying reasons and potential consequences of this sudden shift. 

Current developments in the Middle East cannot be dissociated from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its impact on the international stage. The American war against Russia in Ukraine has been accompanied by bold claims by Western officials and the global mainstream media about crippling Russia’s military and economic capabilities. However, recent testimony to the US Congress by General Christopher Gerard Cavoli, Commander of the European-American Command and Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, reveals a different reality. “Despite significant efforts and assistance to Ukraine, Russian military capabilities remain largely intact, defying earlier expectations of a rapid resolution.”

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