Russia considers its naval base in Syria as important as Crimea

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Russia considers its naval base in Syria as important as Crimea

From Elijah J Magnier: @EjmAlrai

A high-ranking Iranian military source in charge of the Middle East and particularly Bilad al-Sham (Lebanon and Syria) said, “Syria’s allies, Russia and Iran, understood the move behind the attack on the North-West Coast against Kessab area. The aim is to divert the attention on what is ongoing on other fronts, on the rebels looses in Qalamoun and to approach, within a shelling range, the Russian Naval base in northern Syria. Russia won’t be watching and will react before the danger when and if close. Pushing into the battle Chechen terrorists leading the attack is not a coincidence but part of the message. Russia considers Lattakia and Tartus as important as Crimea”



The source said “at the start of the North-West battle of Lattakia almost two weeks ago, it wasn’t clear if Turkey wanted to use it to influence the municipality election or to fulfill a Western – North Atlantic desire to respond to Russia in Syria. We have learned that Turkey emphasized (rebels) to stay away from breaking into the Armenian Orthodox Church and houses in the city, avoiding old wounds (the Armenians genocide). Surprisingly, Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar, both Al-Qaeda (AQ) core, responded positively and limited their action to displace the Mainly Christian civilians who fled as these refuse to live under AQ ruling. “


The sources continue, ” Russia did not deliver the Syrian regime any sophisticated military equipment refracting the balance. In exchange, the US shall not deliver sophisticated equipment for the opposition, as MANPADs for example and others. None the less, red lines could be altered if and when the rules of the game changes.”


As for the Iranian position toward the last events in Syria, the sources revealed,

“Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan said that Americans dive into the quagmire of their plans in Syria. This means that Iran is aware of the U.S. possible plans to open a front on the South of Syria and another in Quneitra. Such a move, in the Western thinking, would drain the regime and its backers for a long endless war. Iran cannot see AQ overpowering the regime as these extremists represent a danger for Syria and Lebanon in particular, and for the World in general. “


Regarding Turkey’s recorded leak that mentioned Ankara’s intention to intervene militarily in Syria through an intelligence service scenario, the sources said, “Turkey seems intentioned to steal a piece of the cake (Syria), presumably thinking that the Syrian regime is busy and won’t react. The YouTube leaks blocked this plan, which has lost its credibility now and at any time in the future. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has progress on his opponents in the municipality election. Therefore there is no justification to appear strong for the purposes of internal politicy. Today, Erdogan can suspend air or artillery support and limit himself to a logistical support. The rebel’s progress has been stopped following the surprise of the attack a couple of days ago. Now the regime is reacting and the course of the battle will be soon defined”.


On the Iranian – Turkish relationship, the source confirmed, ” Iran enjoys a strong relationship with Turkey. President Hassan Rohani congratulated Prime Minister Erdogan on his victory in the elections. There is a regular contact between the two countries at all levels. Many signed agreements will enter into force for the development of economic relations, pushing Turkey and Iran to take into account each other ‘s interests in the region, which would reflect positively on the situation in Syria. “