Russian infantry forces involved for the first time in ground attack in Syria





Moscow imposed rules and procedures in the Mediterranean in an unprecedented moved


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Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai

For the first time a Russian infantry backed by T-90 tanks and Russian Air Force SU-25M stormed the Syrian Takfeery opposition between Latakia and Idlib countryside’s, capturing a strategic hill after five hours of fierce battle resulting in no casualties among the attacking forces.

A high ranking source said ” the Russian live manoeuver required the use of 130mm artillery battalion backed by a heavy air bombardment to the hill before the advance of the infantry as a test of the troops’ readiness and to raise the efficiency of engagement of the Russian forces in further battles on the Syrian soil against terrorists. Russia is also showing the real evolution and strength of its troops that did not participate in real battle for many years. The Syrian forces and allies provided only logistic support without participating to the battle as requested by the Russian officers. Many terrorists were killed and left behind in the battlefield.”


“Also for the first time, Russia showed its determine presence in warm Mediterranean water imposing its rules and procedures during the last naval manoeuver that took place last Saturday and Sunday, forcing measures on nearby countries as it deems appropriate for the safety of its troops. In the past, Russia has been shy in the Middle East, but today, the new Russia is dictating its sets of guidelines on civilian airports and commercial ships navigation in a way that never the former Soviet Union in its gander dared too. The modern Russia forces a “safe triangle” in international water starting from the city of Beirut, Lebanon, down to the island of Cyprus and ending in Iskenderun Turkey. It is clearer now that the Russian fleet has become an integral part of the control and defense of Syria. Russia paves the way for larger future operations calling for revenge for its citizens from terrorism regarding the Russian airliner where 224 people were killed and to turn the page on the history of Afghanistan, firmly restoring the glory of the new Russia”, said the source.

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