Over 100 Russian jet fighters and a new Brigade are expected in Syria once Sha’ayrat airport is in service



Over 100 Russian jet fighters and a new Brigade are expected in Syria once Sha’ayrat airport is in service

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By Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai


Russia is preparing a second airport in East Homs to increase its flee to over 100 fighting jet, in addition to Hamemeen in Latakia, Syria. One Brigade of around 1000 men is on the way to reinforce the Russian ground troops effective to join the fight on terror to Syria.

A high ranking officer within the joint military operation room in Damascus (includes Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah) said “Russia is preparing to send a Brigade of intelligence and Special Forces, in support of the already deployed forces in Syria to participate to selective battle and to deploy around Al-Sha’yarat military airport, qualified to be the second airport Damascus places at the service of the Russian Air Force”.

“Al-Sha’ayrat Airport, located southeast of the city of Homs, is the best available option for the newly arriving fighter jets. Russia required from the joint forces (Hezbollah, Iraqi forces and IRGC- Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) to retake control of Al-Qaryateyn and Palmyra-Tadmur from the self proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS) known as “Daesh”, to expand the security perimeter around the airport to prevent any shelling possible that may affect the Russian Air Force once inside the new airport”

According to the source ” the two-runways-three kilometers long Sha’yarat ‘ airport contains about 45 fortified hangar that can protect any damage to air jets and personnel in the event of shelling. A team of Russian and Syrian engineers is already working at al-Sha’ayrat and will be operational when Russian jets are less busy in the north of Syria. Russian Air Force has intensified its sorties recently and is dedicating most of its operation against pro-Turkish and pro al-Qaeda (Jabhat al-Nusra) fighters. Gathering of forces and convoy aid crossing the borders from Turkey into Syria are hit by Russia in response to the downing of its Su-24 and the killing of the pilot by pro-Turkey ground militia while in the air.”

“Ground military operation in the vicinity of Palmyra will soon regain its intensity against ISIS. The coalition forces (Iran, Hezbollah and the Iraqi and Syrian forces) have reached the city limits but needs air support to minimize losses. Russia has promised that it will raise the number of its aircraft to above 100 to meet the needs of ground forces. Moscow is sending a large number of multiple (24) unguided rocket launchers and thermobaric Pinocchio TOS-1, designed for defeating enemy personnel in fortifications in open space. Russian forces is already using it to bomb Jabal al-Akrad and pro-Turkey Turkmen deployed not only on the border between the two countries, but also in the countryside of the province of Latakia and A’zaz “, he said.


According to the source “since Turkey shot down the Sukhoi 24 last week on the borders, inside Syria, Russian Air force focused on targeting any truck crossings A’zaz and Bab al-Salama borders into Syria as a response to Turkey proxies. Russia will gradually increase it support to allies in Syria to remove the Syrian opposition from the Syrian-Turkish border. Russia considers all non-secular opposition forces and those receiving foreign military support as legitimate targets and part of a crackdown on terrorism in the Levant. ”


Sha’ayrat air force base map link: http://wikimapia.org/23180878/Shayrat-Military-Airbase

+34° 29′ 31.20″, +36° 54′ 36.00″

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