The US calls for peace and apologises for its past

By Elijah J. Magnier: @ejmalrai

“As President of the United States of America, I apologise for the suffering we have caused the world for decades, and particularly in the Middle East. I am sorry for causing so much pain to the Iranian population by inflicting harsh and aggressive sanctions with the aim of curbing their sovereignty and submitting them to US hegemony. I am remorseful on behalf of previous administrations who convinced the Arab countries that Iran is their enemy and that they need our weapons and protection to defend themselves from an Iranian attack that never took place. The real objective was to sell our weapons, to transform the Middle East into a huge US weapons warehouse for the benefit of our armament industry. I am repentant for my country that contributed to overthrowing the Iranian regime in the past and that has sought, up to the present, to destabilise the entire Middle East”.

“I am remorseful for having watched and allowed without intervening the growth of ISIS in Iraq and its migration to Syria. Our aim was to create failed states in the Levant and Mesopotamia. Finding one single country for all Jihadists to gather in their dream world, Bilad al-Sham, was convenient to help the US and its allies, mainly Israel, expand and occupy Syrian territory without obstacles. The lives of Syrians were of no concern and categorised as “collateral damage”, a sentence all previous administrations used to cover their criminal acts including the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians. I have no justification for our having prevented the Syrian population from rebuilding their country. We did this through the imposition of brutal sanctions, by putting pressure on Jordan to limit commercial exchange, by occupying al-Tanf crossing in order to close the doors to Iraq-Syria commerce, and by keeping forces in north-east Syria with the aim of giving a state to the Kurds and then leaving them to the mercy of Turkey. We really didn’t know what we were doing and had no strategy because we were totally ignorant of the realities of the Levant”.

“I am rueful on behalf of the US for the Iraqi people killed by the US directly and as a consequence of the US actions. We have destroyed and looted the economy of Mesopotamia by imposing sanctions (food for oil) and we contributed to the death of hundreds of thousands of children, dismantled the army a decade later, killed as many Iraqis as possible and tried to divide the country into weakened mini-states”.

“I am apologetic for having offered Israel the Golan Heights, a Syrian territory, rather than imposing on Israel a peace deal with Syria. I don’t understand why no previous President forced a Palestinian State when the same Palestinians agreed to live with the Israeli in two states. We closed one eye to all the murders committed by the Israeli Army and supported these actions in the name of “the right to self-defence”. We have justified every Israeli war, targeted killing or invasion rather than working on a peace deal that would have benefitted all concerned. We gave Jerusalem to Israel ignoring the Palestinians rights because we convinced the Gulf Arabs to abandon their cause. The Israeli lobby is too powerful in Washington to be ignored and Presidents want to be re-elected.”

“I don’t know what to say regarding Afghanistan. We attacked the country, destroyed it and killed so many people because we have a strong army and don’t know what to do with it. We held the Taliban responsible for sheltering the same al-Qaeda that our government had created and armed to fight the Soviets; the same al-Qaeda that, decades later and up to today, we have supported with training and weapons in order to terrorize the people of Syria and to combat its legitimate government. The last administration shook hands with Taliban after so many years of unnecessary war and made peace with them.”

“I know my predecessor humiliated Arab leaders and bullied kings with the goal of sucking their monies. Previous presidents considered these leaders non-elected, therefore immune to US blackmail. There was no fear of a coup d’ètat because these kingdoms pass on the rule from one member of the family to another. Even so, we had no right to intervene and call them asking for money. We have behaved in the most abominable way that goes against any moral and ethical principle of the west”.

“I should stop here, or I would need to speak for days about how we have made the world less safe, fostered an arms race with Russia, deployed missiles in Europe and convinced Europeans of a Russian danger that doesn’t exist, trying to stop imports of Russian gas by forcing Europe to find an alternative and closing the tap in Ukraine, threatening European allies when they don’t follow the US policy even if we have reaped boundless profits from every single penny we invested in defending the continent in the Second World War. I am sorry for trying to change the regime in Venezuela and in so many other places around the world over many decades”.

“ I promise to work for peace, impose on Israel to give up its hundreds of nuclear bombs, oblige the Arab states to construct schools, universities, offer job opportunities, look after the climate and earth, and open borders to all those looking to improve their and their family’s lives, and stop the animosity we have fuelled by promoting sectarian narratives we. I promise to use the Army of the United States of America against any country in the world willing to invade or destabilise another country. When the people are mature enough, they will react and change their regime. It is not up to the US to do the job on their behalf. If they suffer, it is a process they should go through to realise what they want in life.”

“And finally, I have no shame to express my feelings and share it with the world. I, as a human being, feel vulnerable, happy, sad, joyful and sometimes depressed. There is no harm in facing oneself as a man and human-being. I examine my conscience daily and seek to act in accordance with the benefit and the well-being of the world, without idiotically saying “God Bless America and no one else”. I say God bless the world and guide my steps to avoid causing suffering and hunger because the world is my home as it is the home of every person willing to live in peace and prosperity”.

This is what the newly elected US President said to all nations, today, live on the TV, on the day of his election. I couldn’t believe my ears. Everybody around me was listening, in tears. People suddenly had a new hope in life.

I suddenly woke up…

Will there comes a time when a similar speech could be addressed to some future generation?

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