The Iranian bill is too high for Israel to settle

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

For decades, Israel had the first and last word in the Middle East. Following the defeat of the Arab armies in 1967, the Israeli leaders believed for many years that a small Israeli military band could occupy any Arab country and that Israel could strike any target in the Middle East without being held accountable or deterred. Israel maintained its air superiority and enjoyed unlimited US and Western intelligence and military support. The US and Israel did not imagine that the Resistance in the Middle East, habituated to receiving blows and being under continuous attack, was in fact learning the arts of war. Lessons from previous wars and shared experiences are developed to achieve a balance of deterrence between belligerents. Hence, Israel is now regularly failing to maintain superiority in every battle. 

The US « maximum pressure » and harsh sanctions have failed to subjugate Iran since the victory of the “Islamic Revolution”, and have imposed a path of self-sufficiency and forced it to develop its military capabilities. Throughout the years, Iran has been accumulating experiences and military capability, and has managed to create a belt of allies that share the rejection of US hegemony and the expansionist plans of its ally Israel. Iran has managed to reach a point where it says to its partners: I am going to the battlefield ahead of you, and you are behind me or on my side. Iran has become an open adversary of Israel, responding to any sabotage or assassination with a similar blow. Not only that, but Iran can also be the first to strike (when and if needed), since it has armed and equipped its allies with the most modern warfare technology, creating a severe threat both to Israel and to the US interests and plans in the Middle East. The Iranian bill is now far too high for Israel to settle.

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher


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