Putin’s options are not exhausted: the US defending its throne by pushing Ukraine to war

US weapons shipped to Ukraine

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

Islam is no longer the enemy of globalisation because Russia and China have replaced the Middle East as the US’s arena and targets, intent on establishing its world hegemony. Moscow and Beijing offer a world model with international pluralism which ends the US unilateral hegemony by providing business and commercial development without explicit subordination. This is one of the most fundamental reasons that push the US to drag Russia into a war in Ukraine, to slow the rise of the Russian economy (and its alliance of opponents of US hegemony) and weaken this front.

Thus, the question is, will President Vladimir Putin fall into the trap or will he play the game of chess that Russia is good at, turning the current tension on the Ukrainian front to his advantage by attacking the US interests in its backyard or Washington’s allies in other parts of the world? It is most probable that the lack of appetite of the European states for armed confrontation, mainly Germany, will force the US to de-escalate, especially because the Russian President seems unwilling to compromise.

Putin has received the US answer concerning its intention to include Ukraine into the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)to bring the level of tension to a dangerous level of escalation on the European front. Moscow can’t ignore a national threat against it, and bringing Ukraine into NATO is a belligerent act. The western protagonists were aware of its potential consequences on the European continent and on world security which the US is intentionally jeopardising. This is why the West is most unlikely to defy Russia and will most definitely double down on its escalation.

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher