Iran slaps Israel in Iraq and sends overt messages in multiple directions

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

The bombing of a strategic centre for Israeli intelligence (Mossad) in Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, was not an ordinary event due to the attack’s timing and announcement of such a strike, which shocked Israel and the world. Iran is imposing new deterrence equations, and its strategic messages that will “hit the Israeli octopus on the head ” fly in multiple directions.

The “Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps” (IRGC)claimed responsibility for bombing a Mossad centre in northern Iraq in response to an unannounced security operation – which was not previously publicised – against the IRGC in Kermanshah on the 12th of February. Iranian sources said that four Mossad officers had been killed in the attack and seven wounded, based on information they received from Erbil hospitals.

The IRGC announcement of the launch of twelve precision-guided “Fateh-110” missiles, each carrying 300 kg of explosives, against a large private residential building in a security area near the US Consulate in Erbil has many objectives.

Iran did not retaliate last February to the Israeli strike that has never been previously announced against the IRGC. Instead, it waited a month before responding, at a time when the nuclear agreement between Iran and the US was in its final stages. The Iranian sent the message that its national security is not negotiable and that it is unconcerned about possible repercussions on the Vienna negotiations.

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher


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