Hezbollah and Israel mobilize their forces on the borders: the following war scenario should exclude civilians

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

For the first time since 1948, Israel has experienced a most unusual situation. It witnessed an organisation threatening to start a war at a specific moment which could seriously challenge the most powerful army in the Middle East. Indeed, after a month of de-escalation, the next few days should see Hezbollah and Israel resume war preparations on the Lebanese borders. This mobilisation is mainly the result of Israeli officials announcing that they are ready to pump gas into pipelines as part of the preparation for gas extraction from the controversial Karish field. Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel not to misunderstand his earlier message saying that “the current month rules out the possibility of war”, adding that “our eyes and our missiles are trained on Karish”. Therefore, the details of a potential war scenario were brought back to the table, and its components were discussed should things go wrong.

Informed sources say that “Hezbollah has withdrawn from providing a specific time for the start of the war against Israel and has established a new equation defining that the war with Israel will not begin until the extraction of gas is resumed in Karish. Hezbollah realised that offering a specific date is fatal and inappropriate as it could change, mainly if the negotiations are ongoing and could provide positive results accepted by the Lebanese government. To maintain its credibility, Hezbollah issued a particular deadline to Israel, and the decision to go to war became closely linked to the beginning of Israel’s gas extraction from the Karish energy field, located in the disputed area between Lebanon and occupied Palestinian waters controlled by Tel Aviv.

The sources confirm that “Israel has mobilised its forces on the borders”. This is a measure that Tel Aviv usually adopts with the aim of either an imminent war situation or an intimidating step (which is most likely the reason here) against its enemy by sending a message that it is ready for the worst-case scenario and doesn’t fear it. 

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