Is Ukraine defending ‘freedom and Western values’?

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

There has been much talk among most European leaders and Western media about the need to arm Ukraine to end the war in its favour because it is “defending Europe” and “fighting for all of us” in the Western world. This has been reiterated by the former US Ambassador to Ukraine, Taylor Wade, as well as by the EU parliament and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who added that “Ukraine is fighting not only for our freedom but for our values and Europe’s security”. Has sending tonnes of weapons and tanks to Ukraine made Europe safer? Is the reason for the EU’s military support for the continuation of the war against what some EU leaders call “Russian President Vladimir Putin’s imperialist and expansionist ideas and aims” to extend Russian territory into the land of European nations? Does Russia have the military capability to attack EU nations beyond Ukraine?

US President Joe Biden broke his silence on the fundamental aims of the war in Ukraine to achieve NATO’s proxy confrontation with Russia. He said the war was “bigger than Ukraine. It’s NATO (its fate). It’s Eastern Europe. It (the war) has serious consequences, very serious. They (Republican congressmen who don’t want to give Ukraine a blank check) have no sense of American foreign policy.” President Biden was truthful when he said that the war in Ukraine was about NATO. Indeed, NATO’s survival is at stake after French President Emmanuel Macron declared a few years ago that NATO was ‘brain dead’ and that ‘Europe needs an army to protect it from America‘. 

Biden’s revelation that this is the “battle of Eastern Europe” because the creation of a European army negates any sense of the presence of tens of thousands of US soldiers and hundreds of their military bases in Europe. As a result, Eastern Europe – under former Soviet rule – would abandon the US umbrella under which it has placed itself and merge with the EU army. This can only be detrimental to US security and the survival of its hegemony over the world, which US Senator Lindsey Graham warned that the “world order” – it is a “Western or the US order” – is at stake. US policy is not just the will or the direction of the new president. It reflects a deep-rooted belief in the obligation to preserve and maintain the dominant power of the US over the rest of the world. Former US National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski argued that “America could lose control of the world. This is seen as a disaster for democracy (US control). We cannot allow any country to become economically independent and possess the necessary military power. 

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