The Israeli Mossad and Hezbollah Intelligence Service’s War: the C.I.A 3/3

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

When an agent applies to work with Mossad or with the CIA, he is asked by his handler or case officer for routine and previously collected information from different sources to ensure the accuracy of his information and his ability to access the knowledge that the intelligence services are looking for. In a later advanced stage, when the agent’s access to information is confirmed, the intelligence services put him under a lie detector test, which it is possible – as proven – to circumvent and deceive with proper training. Various intelligence services have collected over time data information about Hezbollah. However, the information needs to be constantly updated due to the development of weaponry and whenever an agent with access to a sensitive unit or information is arrested or detected. Israel bombed many Hezbollah convoys in Syria on their way to Lebanon every time Tel Aviv learned about the arrival of new weapons. This has pushed Iran and the “Axis of the Resistance” to manufacture their weapons locally with the support of Iranian technology. Israel wants to learn about the locations of these warehouses to enrich its data bank and destroy them on the day of the designated battle.

Moreover, the Mossad and other Western and Arab intelligence agencies active in Lebanon through their friends, allies and recruits are constantly seeking to find out the location of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. The objective is to try to kidnap or kill him because he constitutes the backbone of the “Axis of Resistance” and an expert in psychological warfare. Israel has tried – and will continue to try – to find the whereabouts of Sayyed Nasrallah. It has recently recruited an agent who fell into its trap and was working in the electronic-information sector to track the transmission location from which the Hezbollah leader broadcasts when he appears live on TV.

This indicates the failure of Mossad and their intelligence services allies to know the whereabouts of Sayyid Nasrallah to assassinate him. On the other hand, it also revealed how advanced Hezbollah is in its technological capabilities to prevent electronic breaches by the most sophisticated intelligence services’ capabilities. The collaboration among intelligence services against Hezbollah is not surprising since it is on the terrorist list. Moreover, it is in the interests of many nations to defeat the “Axis of Resistance” and to direct a moral blow to Iran. One of the main reasons for the war in Syria was to break the cooperation between Iran and Hezbollah, where many western and Arab states collaborated on the same objective.

An example of the collaboration was exposed before the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 when Ariel Sharon, then Minister of Defence, was travelling in the streets of Beirut in an Italian diplomatic car before the Israeli invasion of Lebanon began. The CIA is on the list of active intelligence services in Lebanon. Indeed, one of the most critical Hezbollah officials who breached some of its secrets was working for the US intelligence service. Muhammad Qassem Al-Hajj (Abu Turab), who died in 2021 after suffering from cancer that spread all over his body, was released to die at his home after over ten years in Hezbollah’s jail. Al-Hajj provided the CIA with all the information he had about the training camps and the list of all Hezbollah personnel in his capacity as the head 

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher