Will America and Israel go to war with Iran?

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

All military options remain on the table. With this phrase, US officials keep their war options open, not to deny the possibility of planning an attack on Iran and keeping their opponent on constant alert. Almost all presidents have used this phrase on various occasions throughout the many US administrations since the “Islamic Republic” came to power in Iran. Moreover, Israel has repeatedly raised its voice and expressed its readiness to launch a military strike against Iran to prevent it from acquiring the Russian S-400 air defence system or to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons. This threat of Israeli war preparations against Iran coincides with the visit to Israel of the commander of the Joint Forces, General Mark Milley, followed by the US Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin. These visits by top US military officials coincide with press reports that Tel Aviv has requested US military cooperation in launching a strike on Iran to prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons. Can Israel, alone or in collaboration with the US, launch a war against Iran or even attack its nuclear reactor? What are the consequences of military action in the Middle East?

It is nothing new for Israel, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to raise its voice in the face of Iran and to threaten a pre-emptive military strike, as it always does. This doctrine allows Israel to attack neighbouring countries and violate international law with impunity. In the past, Netanyahu appeared on the podium of the United Nations with drawings in which he claimed that Iran was close to producing a nuclear bomb without Tehran having reached the required level of military nuclear capability.

However, the recent news of traces indicating a percentage of pure uranium of 83.7 per cent has caused several parties to sound the alarm, even though these traces do not indicate a production line heading towards 90 per cent. In military nuclear terms, it takes 25 kilograms of 90 per cent uranium to make a bomb. Many countries in the Middle East and the West, including Europe, are very concerned about Iran acquiring military nuclear capabilities. Still, little has been done to return to the nuclear deal.

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