Elizabeth Tsurkov is in a long-term prison.

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier: 

 According to informed sources in Baghdad, Iraq, Elizabeth Tsurkov, a Russian-Jewish national with dual Israeli citizenship, is in long-term detention. “American intelligence has been inquiring about Tsurkov since her disappearance in Baghdad last March. However, there appears to be no personal US interest in her release at any cost. Other Western sides are interested in finding her. Still, negotiations have been slow, as both parties involved seem in no hurry to secure her freedom at any price demanded by the kidnappers”. 

Tsurkov’s abduction came to light shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades had abducted her in March. Although she initially claimed to be Russian and to have arrived in Iraq on a Russian passport, Tsurkov revealed that she had served in Israeli military intelligence, specifically Unit 8200, which specialises in covert operations, eavesdropping, encryption and data security. Notably, she took no precautions to conceal her Israeli affiliation, indicating a disregard for the security services monitoring her activities and a lack of self-awareness and rigour in her previous intelligence work. 

Tsurkov admitted to being part of an Israeli intelligence unit and claimed to have served during the Second Lebanon War in 2006. She also mentioned that her younger sister, Emma, currently serves in an Israeli army mechanised unit. Tsurkov also stated on her Twitter account that she refuses to negotiate her release or that of other abductees. Israeli Intelligence Unit 8000 members are forbidden from identifying themselves on social media. However, dismissed and retired members of this unit have defied these orders and sought employment in the private sector, which offers more excellent financial benefits than the Israeli army.

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