750 US bases and NATO forces are insufficient to impose the US hegemony worldwide

Written by – Elijah J. Magnier:

More than 750 US military bases have been spread worldwide since World War II when Washington reaped its harvest and presented itself as having saved Europe from the German Nazis. The US’s loss amounted to roughly 416,800 casualties. This includes those killed in action, those who died from wounds or were found dead, the missing, and those who died in concentration camps. In contrast, Moscow lost 24 million people. However, the US victory resulted in a heavy price tag for decades. Europe paid the US hundreds of billions of dollars of compensation in cash and finished paying the bill only a few years ago. But the old continent is paying another price: soft colonialism imposed by the US policy and muscles flexed through the hundreds of military bases deployed in Europe and numerous countries worldwide. That seems insufficient to keep the world under the US’s thumb.

Europe has indeed lost the freedom of its decisions, which was demonstrated by the inability of European leaders to make decisions commensurate with their interests in the sanctions imposed on Russia’s flow of energy to the continent. All the western sanctions against Russia are harming the European population and the economy, just to abide by the US’s will to fight Russia. 

It had happened before in 2018 with the Iran-US nuclear agreement when European companies left Iran and paid the price for violating their contracts due to the unilateral US sanctions – decided by President Donald Trump – that harmed European companies. Dozens of European companies were forced to leave Iran for fear of being hit by US sanctions that prohibited commercial deals and energy exploitation in Iranian oil and gas fields.

Following the shortage of energy flow to Europe due to sanctions on Russia, France has announced that it will restart power plants that run on coal. That is a retrograde decade to the era when cleaner energy was unavailable. Germany has also taken this decision for fear of Russia stopping its gas supplies after Europe declared a soft and economic war on Moscow.

Using its political-economic leverage and military supremacy with the spread of its bases worldwide, the US is leading Europe to adopt suicidal decisions. The US trade market is essential to many countries, and its financial system (the SWIFT) imposes most countries to submit to its rules or be excluded from the world market exchange. Moreover, the US military bases have offered a robust tool and evidence of universal hegemony, enabling Washington to intervene worldwide. The US has conducted multi-mission exercises and manoeuvres throughout these decades in the Western Pacific, over the South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, the Middle East and Europe to be ready to wage wars and maintain control over its areas of influence. Moreover, US bases prevent any great power (Russia) or other emerging nations (China) from controlling or competing with its national security. The US bases scattered around the world are also supposed to send reassurances to its allies that it is close to protecting them when needed. However, it failed to do so in the case of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia when 

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Proofread by: Maurice Brasher